Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ah Crap!

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  1. Ew.


  2. I saw this on Fmylife.com.

    in the link is the fml.

  3. Now we’re reposting reposts…

  4. This was on FML. Fuck you if you cant be original.

  5. postception

  6. After seeing this:

  7. Even if it wasn’t lying, what kind of mongtard would type those words out? And post them?

  8. Meryem likes to talk out of her ass, now she just took it to the literal level.

  9. on a related note, how are we going with that anti-spam magic, lamebook?

  10. Toilet paper and a phone. Yeah, they’d feel totally similar in my hand.

    And I hate that FML bullshit. Really grinds my gears.

  11. Due to an amazing set of coincidences I have had a similar experience…

    After pounding on my fine sisters backdoor, I wiped myself on some toilet paper. Without realizing it I had answered my phone to my sixth wife which left me right in the shit.

  12. And it was an awkward moment when you realized that because your phone happened to ring and you put the nasty phone up to your face…

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