Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bill Nye the TMI

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  1. These people really need to get out of the house more often.

    Or maybe not.

  2. Definitely not.

  3. Hold the fucking phone…since when do women poop?

  4. These people need to diconnect their modem, and stay indoors.

  5. Why is it that people think that the first thing to shout is “This is amazing!” when, clearly, it is very un-amazing.

    I support the call for certification before breeding.

  6. When it’s so cold out that you can see your breath, do you think farts become visible too?

  7. When they’re visible to the naked eye on a hot day is when you need to start to worry.

  8. It’s called a Texas Log Splitter. Look it up.

  9. People that talk about feces are poopy-heads

  10. I don’t know what hurt the most – the fact that I just read a bunch of drones comment about shit, or that I subsequently read the comments of a different bunch of drones commenting on the comments made by those earlier drones.

  11. MsAnneThrope: Some day you and I will get together, and the shit-play we will take part in will shock even the poo-fetish freaks. We will revolutionize fecal fascination amongst the dookie doctorals. Turd cutting will be just a tiny facet of our excretionary explorations.

  12. Sorry. I have plans.

  13. My first thought was that a gstring would definitely not be cut in half by a poop. I mean, who poops with that much force?

    But now I realise what he meant. Good one, Chelle.

  14. relax guys, it’s your own creation! =D

  15. After reading this post, I can confirm that I have carried out an experiment in a controlled environment to ascertain the answer, which is thus: Eight out of ten times the faeces will overflow from both sides of the gusset and smear down the legs of the test subject.

    The other two times Mum couldn’t shit so we abandoned the experiment.

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