Thursday, October 31, 2013

I’mma Let You Finish…

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  1. STEEEEEEEEEVEERRRRRRRR > than all your husbands!
    Don’t be jelly!

  2. If you keep being an idiot, it’s your own fault when your husband fucks other girls, and all you get is rape.

  3. Can anyone explain to me what the fuck this is —> ;*
    I’d appreciate it.

  4. My husband; your husband. It’s when wifeys get together and force their husbands to sex each other. Dane and Steever know this scenario quite well.

  5. It’s when my husband co-sines your wife is when I’m worried. Great post Lamebook, rich and compelling

  6. Steeever’s husband > your husband.

  7. HE IS NOT !!!!!!!! (shakes fist)

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