Thursday, October 31, 2013


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  1. Maybe she’ll run over Steeeeeeeeeeeeeeever…
    (1st bitches)

  2. Doubt it! Willing to bet $100 that this retarded waste of oxygen is an American; and you’ll rarely catch me on the roads in that shit hole, and when I HAVE to go there I fly (first class like a boss).
    Serious comment; this dumb bitch should be sent to jail, and her liscense suspended just for saying that!

  3. Oops.. *License –before all you retards point out a typo

  4. If you keep driving under the influence of alchohol, it’s your own fault if you run somebody over, go to prison, and get raped.

  5. Well done, StupidDane, you finally found a post that your latest theme actually works on!

  6. I believe I’ve used the prison/rape combo before.

  7. Just accept the compliment! Its rare that you actually make sense. Take it when you can! Or else it will be your own fault if/when you get raped.

  8. ^yeah but in this case it was actually funny and fitting.

  9. god damnit steever.

  10. Steeever I find it ironic you call America a “shit-hole” considering you are on a website designed by Americans (which is a satire of another American website), hosted on American servers, using devices and electronics designed by Americans.

  11. Eat shit STEEEEVERRRR, you took-wearing, Canadian-bacon eating, Celine Dion listening, America-Junior-living-in, bag of shit. It’s your own fault if your raped by Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka.

  12. ^ And Fuck Tim Hortons too, ya fuckin’ hoser!

  13. Stfu #10. Your country is own by the asians, the servers are build by the asians, and when everything fucks up, you call an asian.

    So ya, stfu, or it’s your own fault if you get raped. (Lucky for you, rumours will asians aren’t carrying a huge package).

  14. Btw., I couldn’t live with I wasn’t having a single down-vote, so now I down-voted myself! Stupid americans.

  15. Jomandaman, I find it ironic that you use lightbulbs, telephones, screwdrivers, snowmobiles, watch basketball/hockey/lacrosse, batteries, electric stoves, stick with your american things! Like no health care and being illiterate fat ass inbred school shooting idiots… Rant over!

  16. Oh….cause Canada is perfect, eh?

  17. Ya basically

  18. Not according to several of my friends that drop into the US when they actually NEED healthcare. Not waiting.

  19. Know how I know you’re lying? You have no friends

  20. Great comeback. You must wow em at lunchtime on the playground.

  21. I don’t understand the part about the Arab driver catcalling?

  22. It’d be funny if OP was hit by a car being driven by a drunk person right after this post, to make them eat their arrogant words.

  23. I’d love to shake the shit out of this turd.

  24. I’d love to shake the Shit out of this turd

  25. Or you could drink $20 less in alcohol so you could afford a cab ride back to your fucking pimp’s house, you fucking twat.

  26. Nails, that’s the most gayish thing I’ve ever heard.
    Drinking less.

    If you keep being this lame, it’s your own fault if you get raped.

  27. BorderlineDane

    next day on fb was all like R.I.P

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