Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dino Duties

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  1. If you’re StupiDane, it’s your own fault if Steeever rapes you.

  2. can’t think of a single synonym for ‘reserved’

  3. That’s right Ezui!!!! You da’ man! Or woman….
    Ezzzuiiiiiiiiiiiii FIRST!!!!

  4. ^^ oh good i didn’t have to. Team effort

  5. How has natural selection not taken out that broad a long time ago

  6. What a sweet mom.

    If she keeps being this sweet, I’m sure nobody would dare to rape her!

  7. ^ perhaps life just isn’t for you

  8. This is as funny as sparkle cooch

  9. ^ that statement could go either way, a sparkly cooch could be pretty funny

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