Monday, February 28, 2011

Sister Sister

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  1. First!

  2. Note to self: Don’t date Courtnay

  3. lumpyspaceprincess


    Trash everywhur.

  4. You can love your brother, just don’t luvvvvvvv your brother.

  5. Good to see Brian’s family rallying around and providing the support support he needs.

  6. baseplate, I wouldn’t date either of them; they’re probably not a day over 16 anyway.

  7. So you are saying they are still young enough to be trained? That I can get behind.

  8. @passerino, don’t you mean support his nads?

  9. That is just not a face you make while your bikini-clad sister has her legs wrapped around you. The smirk suggests he’s thinking “yeah, what up now bitches” with pride.

  10. I wonder if they make paper bags big enough to cover that chick’s massive head.

  11. Too much chub. D:

  12. #9 Think about this; someone took that picture. How interesting would it be if that happened to be their Dad? At least it would explain the smirk, I guess.

  13. Hmmm I think they are looking rather too friendly together. Unless you’re soup or imamofo. I’m sure their family photos would win hands down.

  14. That smirk has got ‘awkward surprise boner’ written all over it.

  15. Does that happen you often scottydug?

  16. When she says ‘big brother’ she means BIG brother…as in he’s got a massive cock stuck in her girl gash.

    curly This is nothing like my family photos… she wouldn’t be fucking smiling for a start…. Or wearing all those fucking clothes.. prudey little dust bucket.

  17. terminaltrip421

    The fact that his boxers are showing giving the illusion that his pants might be down makes that photo all the more awkward.

  18. That picture is just so wrong… Also, note to Courtnay: fuck off.

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