Tuesday, November 2, 2010

An Abundance of Information

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  1. #1 Wow she is classy!

    Really WHY THE F! do you share that with Facebook.

    And Christopher… Shhhh bro what the heck man! you need to video tape that and sell it to peep sites.

  2. … and she spit between her legs into the toilet and spit on her hey-nany-nany.

  3. Christopher says it does nothing for him… does this mean he’s of the proclivity to which male prostate exams would be more interesting or that he just not a creeper?

  4. Yeah, Bucket, with a capital ASS.

    Carter made me LOL a little bit.

  5. @CommentsAtLarge

    It probably has less to do with that, and more to do with the fact that pelvic exams aren’t the least bit sexy. I’m going out on a limb here…

  6. Christopher is such a gentleman.

  7. @Commentsatlarge it’s just not that sexy.

    And at least Carter cleaned up? I’m so glad I live in a country where there’s a bidet in every bathroom.

  8. Coffee filters work in a pinch, as well. Less of an impact in regard to aroma control, though.

    Christopher is a peeping friggin’ freaky-assed douche.

    And, how do we know Baybae is a guy? I thought ‘joint’ was another term for chubby, which is another term for johnson, which is another term for zippy-zap, which is another term for twig and berries, which is another term for pocket rocket, which is another term for… Fuck it, you know what I mean.

  9. Hmmm, I specifically ask for the blinds to be opened…. Sorry Christopher.

  10. I just dropped some meth on my couch, now this shit is CRYSTAL METH FRESH, you can’t beat it.

  11. @CommentsAtLarge –
    Madison Tower @ First Hill is in the gay district of Seattle, so I’m gonna assume the former as opposed to the latter

  12. Anyone who refers to the female anatomy as ‘junk’ is definitely of the proclivity CommentsAtLarge is suspecting.

  13. My thinking was that Baybae (baby) said it was their cooch, which is normally referring to a hair taco. Never heard a peener called a cooch. Oh also a guy would have gone ahead and it explained it on FB.

  14. BayBae? Oh for fuck sake come on.

    Haha @ Bucket – don’t go giving him ideas! Anyway, yeah I can’t imagine anyone thinking it’s sexy to watch that. I’m going to be so paranoid now next time I go – will make sure all blinds are shut lol

  15. CHRISTOPHER!! He’s a freakin’ genius! He should have a monument or something.

  16. The doctor might think your coming on to him curlybap.

  17. Ah shit, I’m fucked aren’t I? 😉

  18. #’s 5&7

    Creepers might find them sexy – I used that as a blanket statement.

  19. I’m sorry, I like Baybae. lmao

  20. Sorry curlybap but you gotta do what you gotta do to get by in this world 😛

    Think of it as working from home 🙂

  21. I always thought they did pelvic exams 1. not in a room with windows and 2. if it DID have windows, with the woman facing away from the windows.
    The doctor there is probably already in cahoots with someone who is videotaping. Sick bastards.

  22. Dammint I’m caught. Dr. Longshanks and I make extra money on the side by him letting me video tape his patients pelvic exams from the building across the road…we need to come up with another strategy…fast.

  23. Dammit*

  24. Dicks and Gnomes. That should be the name of a band. Or a cereal.

  25. i think bae baes toothpaste should have its own facebook account

    dicks and gnomes one of which people actually care about

    carter i stock up on toilet paper like a squirrel for the whole year that way i dont have to use dryer sheets or the rough paper towels

    christopher you are a gentleman

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