Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Rebound Beating

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  1. If you can’t beat them…

  2. Paranoid Android

    Yeah fuck off Cody. Give Robert the attention he so obviously deserves.

    Baahaha. Slack knacker.

  3. dietpillpyramidscheme

    For a joke based on domestic abuse, I feel kinda bad for laughing.

  4. I dont understand, is he calling himself pathetic for just being a rebound for that girl?

    She obviously enjoys giving a beating as much as taking one.

  5. i imagine cody’s statement pertaining to a simple flow chart:

    can you beat them?

    no -> beat them off.

    yes -> beat them.

    ∴ cody = logical positivist extraordinaire

  6. So Robert thinks, as I see it, that the previous boyfriend (the one that beat her) was the rebound.

    Cody wins, regardless. Robert’s a tool.

  7. lol domestic abuse

  8. I wish I could have Cody around during relationship struggles. I don’t think Robert appreciates him enough. Cody, if you’re reading this, send me a message.

  9. Paranoid Android

    How much of an ass-hat must Robert be for his ex to go back to a man who beat her.

    Maybe he was a whiny bitch, just sayin’.

  10. cody made me giggle. that was great. I’d love cody as a friend… he’d make life pretty awesome.

  11. dirtylittlepretty

    giving her ex (who beat her)a handjob doesn’t make her a slut…it just means that she makes stupid ‘decitions’

  12. Maybe she was planning on giving him a surprise ending . . . Like ripping his dick off. Just sayin . . .

  13. 13st! LoL Cody FTW!

  14. fucking cody ftw

  15. dirtylittlepretty

    i had considered something along the line of ‘not actually finishing and giving him blue balls’???

    hmm..not very imaginative i admit..

  16. I just really enjoy the part where Robert doesn’t seem to know he’s the rebound guy.

  17. Wait, so Robert is mad because someone who IS NOT WITH HIM is not being faithful to him? Call me crazy but if you aren’t with someone why would you be personally offended by their giving someone else a handjob?
    I’m not saying it isn’t a dumbass thing to do in this case or trying to defend this girl as not being a total moron. But he acts like he just caught his wife in a gangbang or something.

  18. @mad2physicist the point is that everyone up there is a idiot except Cody, so don’t worry about finding sense in their actions.

  19. thought this post was kind of sad for a number of reasons. The wife beater, the hand job, robert being the rebound, and cody…kind of sad to be making fun of someone who’s life is such misery.

  20. But that is what we do here slippyslappy!

  21. @slippyslappy

    Thats what we do son… Can’t stand it??

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