Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Public Places

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  1. These were good. Let the madness begin….

  2. The first one is more passive aggressive.

    And I think four flat tires sends a better message, and so does boxing him in with old cars and leaving them there for days.

    The 2nd one is funny. I need a “psycho” sign on my door.

  3. Beatus is correct.

  4. I take the “the” outta Psychotherapist

  5. I bet you do, Steeeever.

  6. I’m with beatus – the first one is way too passive. At the very least, i hope those notes are glued on with a runny mix of dogshit and superglue.

  7. You know, the classics…timeless.

  8. Wow #1 what a rebel. I’d stay out of his way!

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