Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Background Check

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  1. OMFG! #2 has Vin Diesel from Chronicles of Riddick!!! AARERRRRRGGHHHH

  2. Uhhhh #3. Where was that taken? The reason I ask is because with the eyes blocked out, I can’t tell if that is me or my sister. Has to be my sister, because I never where skirts and this may be the reason why.

  3. #3 isn’t what you think it’s the white t-shirt girl’s inner elbow and an empty seat.

  4. My name really fits me today as I couldn’t figure out #3 until I read Lilly’s comment (Thank you). How’d I miss that?

    #1 Looks like a dressing room for a strip club, so I bet the girl in the mirror doesn’t care as she is about to show it all anyways.

  5. Help me out with pic # 2. Is it the baby sleeping in the car? I don’t get it.

  6. Shenanigans113: I thought that too, but you can see her hand to the left of the girl’s head, so I think it actually is what we think it is.

  7. Not to mention, you can see the bottom half of the guy in the teal shirt… the seat backs don’t go up that high.

  8. #3 That girl reminds me of Rosie O’Donnell. Much better looking than Rosie of course, but same scowl. And thighs. Never thought I would be so grateful for chubby thighs…shudder

  9. The fat thighs is WHY she can’t close her legs. Fat girls, stop wearing short, tight skirts.

  10. That 3rd picture requires a foreground check as well.

  11. If the first pic really is the dressing room of a strip club must be one shitty strip club.

  12. buggy, once you see it, you’ll shit bricks

  13. I also don’t get #2, Buggy.

    #3- Funny how her legs are wide open, and yet her thighs still touch!

  14. #2 = SOON!

  15. Seriously, what is the big deal about the 2nd pic? I see a woman dressed like an austrailians nightmare and a gap toothed kid looking out the window? If this is supposed to be funny then my family albums must be fucking hilarious.

  16. In number 2 I think it’s the glowing eyes in the back of the car.

  17. smimp, please tell me you’re not actually from Australia.

    But yeah, the dress is hideous, and yeah, your family albums are fucking hilarious. I checked.

  18. @megamel: Glowing eyes? Seems pretty tenuous, like saying theres a human skull caught in the hubcap. I think the idea is meant to be that a woman being photobombed by her own kid is somehow worthy of lulz instead of the everyday mundane occurance that it actually is. I guess that’s what makes it lame.

    @Bacchante: Course not. No self respecting Australian would misspell ‘Australian’ 😉

  19. Human skulls are always getting caught in my hubcaps!

  20. Hey! i have that nursie outfit. PVC is great. the blood just wipes right off.

  21. Bacchante: “Australian’s nightmare” is a Spinal Tap reference. one I use all the time. yay smimp!

  22. That’s great, birdmadgrrl. Riveting, even.

    What does it have to do with what I wrote?

  23. That is one sexy nurse

  24. ^that nurse is Bacchante.

  25. Um, yes, that’s me alright. When you see me at work, just mention Lamebook, and I’ll give you a free private lapdance.

  26. ^ That goes for everyone on here, not just freddy

  27. Hmm. So they don’t have a special name for lapdances down under? Waaaait a minute..

  28. Yes, and for the grand finale the lady from #3 will come out and squeeze your head between her thighs until you pass out. But no worries, there is a nurse in the building ready to revive you.

  29. This little nurse isn’t giving anyone mouth-to-mouth after they’ve ventured into the great wilderness of # 3.

  30. ^Haha!

  31. …still not getting what is supposed to be “background checked” in the 2nd pic….?? I cant imagine the kid in the car is the funny part. What am I missing?

  32. Send an email to the @dmins and ask them….you know, if our hypothesising isn’t doing it for you…

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