Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It’s WINSday!

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  1. No, just no.

  2. fourfootsnake lamebook, take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror.

  3. I really hate it when accidental responsible parenting gets in the way of one’s social life.

  4. Eh, all of these seem really far fetched.

    It’s like somebody taking something normal, then changing it to their liking and THEN making a joke. It’s as if somebody said “The homework was difficult”, and you said “It was hard?? That’s what she said.”

  5. Poor Steve may he rest in peace….. i couldn’t help but have a little giggle though

  6. oh and Paranoid, a “Stever” would have actually been appropriate in this post… and made it slightly more amusing 🙂

  7. The combined might of Stever, Ben, Frodo and a pool would not remedy the situation.

  8. Crikey mate, it took you four years to think of that? Genius. Just three years till he gives us an absolutely cracking Michael Jackson joke!

  9. Hobo wins!!!!

    I still laughed at the Steve Irwin joke. 🙂

  10. Michael Jackson is dead?

  11. Dukey, I laughed too. I feel a little guilty.

    OK, I’m over it now. Carrying on.

  12. I also giggled a bit at the Steve Irwin one. Andrew’s comment also made me chuckle since I have cats and feel he made a very valid point. Never getting one of those…

  13. Michael Jacksons dead?! You would have thought they would have put that on the news!

  14. The “harmful rays” joke is pretty old, but it’s a good one.

  15. That Steve Irwin joke is so stupid. I was wearing a t-shirt about sunscreen once and some idiot told me that joke….. it actually took like a full 10 seconds to process how lame he was. Not cool.

  16. Since when is an automatic flushing toilet the worst invention ever?

  17. RIP Steve Irwin. He died as he lived, with animals in his heart.

  18. Automatic flushing toilet? Do they really exist? Is it really that hard to turn arond and push a button?

  19. blitz: For many people who use public restrooms, yes, apparently it is.

  20. Seriously? Car alarms are on your worst inventions list?

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