Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Few PhoDOHs!

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  1. Stever.

    That second one… seriously?

  2. Forget the dick look-alike thing, that’s just one ugly motherfucker of a necklace.

  3. MsBuzzkillington

    What kind of money is that?

  4. Monopoly?

  5. CommentsAtLarge

    There’s kids playing Hockey on it, pretty sure that’s Canadian.

  6. i thought it was a euro.

  7. The last one made me laugh. It is canadian money . 🙂

  8. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    It is Canadian $5

  9. It says Canada on it =b

  10. @cakid612 – A Euro is a coin. The smallest note value of a Euro is 5.

    That last one is so witty, using a cat and making a joke about pussy. Very droll and original. The only thing funny about it is the cat’s face, but cats are inherently funny.

    I liked how much Alan had to dumb down what he was saying.

  11. @ wordpervert

    I just had another look at the necklace. You’re right, it’s grotesque.

  12. dirtylittlepretty

    Jordan don’t have very much pussy, money or weed.
    yep..that’s one ugly necklace

  13. how about the half Marlboro light hanging out in that dirt weed?

  14. @Kamarate – oh. Just shows what I know about foreign currency

  15. young wayne for president.

    o yes i love her likeeee…..

  16. Really? She Googled phallic and STILL couldn’t figure out what it meant? When you click on “images” you just see penises. Also the first thing you see is the definition.

  17. dirtylittlepretty

    Cathy just wanted to make Alan say dick.

  18. That last one would have been funnier with a weed out of the yard.

  19. lol @ #3 win!

  20. 3 was good.

    Whoever bought that necklace needs to be taught a lesson in buying jewelry.

  21. Yes word, in Canada we use Monopoly money to buy small cats and pot… it’s a neat system.

    On a side note … can’t stand people that mix tobacco and weed .. like c’mon make up your mind.

  22. dirtylittlepretty

    @eusadnama I think it was made by Cathy, because she has it in a folder titled beads.
    Cathy’s beads are quite unimaginative btw..I’ve seen anal beads with more flair..

  23. I’m ashamed that last one is Canadian….poor little kitten

    cute little kitten though.

    Necklace, fugly ass necklace….and looking like a penis to boot, and I learned a new word, it’s the complete package =/

    CD took me about 5 seconds longer to understand then it should have, I am not ashamed of myself as well

  24. now*

    typo’s need to dieeee I so didn’t see that when I proof read -.-“

  25. That is one big, ugly, blue cock o’ necklace!

  26. does it matter if the necklace is ugly… it looks like it doubles as a bullet… and thats cool, cuz i dont think a guy could get away with wearing a pocket pussy or a hooker around his neck

  27. I think the guy with the cat is trying to look hard as fuck…but come on! you cant look hard with a kitten, the smallest bill Canada has, and a pathetic half smoked cig with ten year old outdoor shake.

  28. To me, the necklace looks more like Squidward than a penis. Even though Squidward’s kind of a dick.

  29. There’s only one proper way to wear a hooker around your neck slim, i’m sure you know what i’m talking about.

  30. The Salmon Mousse

    Thank you Lamebook! I desperately needed an idea for my girlfriends birthday, but I’d never considered buying her a phallic-shaped Necklace till now!

  31. BeautifullyDizzy

    @IceyAngel I too am ashamed that the last one is Canadian.
    @epicdouche Nah, he’d look more hardcore if he used 5 loonies. 😉

    I feel bad for the kitten, it looks like it knows that something bad is going to go down soon. Let’s just hope the guy doesn’t get the munchies and decide to eat p*ssy.

  32. BeautifullyDizzy

    ^ *decides

  33. First one is lame. I like the way the second two think

  34. @cakid612

    I’m English and go to Europe quite a lot, so it’s only logical that I would know! In Switzerland (I’m moving there in 8 weeks) their notes only start at 10. There you go, you learn something every day.

  35. that pussy looks mighty scared

  36. Its Canadian money you dummies

  37. Jordan’s got a bright future ahead of him … shame that poor kitten had to be submitted to his retardation. And I think it’s time that we as a people finally put the “cats = vaginas” ‘joke’ to rest. It wasn’t funny to begin with.

  38. To be fair to Jordan, that’s one fucking cute kitten.

  39. That’s some shitty ass weed paper.

  40. thats some shitty ass weed..
    are they putting in a cigarette? im confused..

  41. In some places, people mix weed and tobacco and smoke it in cigarettes.

  42. oh duh,a spliff,i knew that….so weird to me..why not just smoke weed..idk. i guess its like a blunt,the tabaccoiness with the weed,whatever,im just high and rambling now..

  43. Ah yes, Canada. The true north proud and free.

  44. “True North STRONG and free”…I hope you’re not Canadian.

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