Monday, July 27, 2009

Jennifer Sucks at Blowing


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  1. It’s rather shocking that Pascal is only “about” to be deleted after those 2 comments. I guess maybe she’s keeping him around for booty calls? Cheese is delicious when you’re drunk…she could add it to her Taco Bell 4th meal.

  2. I bet the guy who invented the flash drive
    never thought it would be compared to the size of a man’s penis.

  3. This is…amazing.

  4. Uhm…i have a super big flash drive…so…compliment?

  5. Uglybitchskankface

    hollow –> LOL!

  6. It seems all girls named ‘Brittany’, ‘Megan’, ‘Jennifer’, ‘Vanessa’ or ‘Stefanie’ seem to be destined for great things in life…

  7. I swear the times are the wrong way around to how they should be…

  8. WTF? She is only “about” to delete him from her friends list?

  9. Shouldn’t it be easier to suck if it’s only the size of a flashdrive?

  10. WTF is this fake? The timestamp for the comments is all backwards. The “first” comment is from two minutes ago, and the most recent is four minutes ago? Uhh…

  11. why would they be “Friends” if they’ve obviously had some BAD times. it is funny though

  12. wow lamebook way to not realize this is a fake post

  13. who wants cake?

    oh my god the girl just wants to play the trumpet.

  14. The Pig Pocketer

    fake or not, this is funny as shit!

  15. “Oh, no! Don’t delete me from your friends list! Please! Anything but THAT!”

  16. it always ends with “i’m deleting you off my friend’s list.” yes, the internets is magical like that.

  17. side note – FB often screws up the times in my feed…


  18. I bet they met through work.

  19. Ahhahahah HA! This is brilliant. I always rely on lamebook to brighten up my day.

  20. I didn’t know some flash drives were filled with cheese.

  21. cheese filled flash drive. brilliant.

    I always appreciate a smoothly executed segue. trumpets to blowjobs, this gets a gold sticker.

  22. haha i love that there’s a flash drive advertisment on the left-hand side of the screen! hilarious πŸ™‚

  23. Chairman of the Mao

    The part that makes this so awesome, is that on my screen, there’s an ad on the side (And bottom) For Custom USB Flash drives πŸ˜€

  24. I agree with The above post.

  25. The funniest part about this page is the giant flash drive ad on the right side. XDDD

  26. “And your ass is about to be deleted from my friendslist!!”
    uuuuuuuuuu threatning :O

  27. I think pascal won.

  28. Its real. Pascal is in therapy since Jennifer defriended him. Meanwhile, some good news his cheese filles flash-drive sized dick is patiently awaiting the next Wendy’s commercial to be aired somewhere Trumpets don’t exist!!

  29. wow. all that started off with a trumpet?

  30. Ultrafake, just look at the fucking timestampts.

  31. Ultrafake, just look at the fucking timestamps.


  33. Cheese filled flash drive? Even if I dedicated an entire year of my life coming up with insulting descriptions of male parts, I don’t believe that one would cross my mind.

  34. could not stop laughing for 10 minutes straight. beautiful insult.

  35. A for insult!
    β€œAnd your ass is about to be deleted from my friendslist!!”
    duhhh…. scary!

  36. I love that his ass has it’s own Facebook account.

  37. @#36: was thinking the same thing

  38. no one noticed that she said this guy “… is gonna hurt you! and you’re about to get deleted…” as if they are equally bad

  39. Why’s she still friends with him?

  40. Are these people real friends on facebook. This is unbelievable

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