Monday, July 27, 2009

You can count on Aleks


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  1. He’s still drunk in the comment.

  2. Not gonna lie, douchebag or otherwise, this seems like a picture I’d be a part of, especially if they really were $1 each.

  3. Agreed with Em until I read the comments. Then he just proved he was retarded.

  4. depresstionwhtdoseitmean

    I agree with the above, although I object strongly to all those that feel the need to photograph their alcohol before consumption.
    Just bloody drink it.

  5. Tequilla Poppers recipe: 1 part tequila, 1 part 7-up.

    (and if I were these dorks bartender, it would be mostly 7-up)

    What kind of girly shot is that? Good thing they only cost $1. Not like these guys can count anyway.

    Em’s a lamester too.

  6. Oh, and nice bangs Aleks. By the way, lame way to spell Alex…

  7. The Pig Pocketer

    I’m with the Ratcoon on this one. If you’re going to take a shot, make sure it’s fucking alcohol, not pussy juice.

  8. Did anyone else not notice that there definitely is 16 shots in this picture? Not 15.

  9. Nam noticed, N.

  10. N = Aleks?

  11. I had to say something about the ($1 EACH) caption. Is he boasting how cheap or how expensive that is???

  12. haha… Nam said there were 16. Then Aleks commented back there are 15 and for Nam to get their counting straight. But, Nam was right. Just pointing that out.

  13. why does everyone feel the need to do their version of the b-boy stance in pictures (the peace signs)

  14. Why do people brag about their alcohol consumption via photos? So are your “cool” because your drinking soda and tequila? Who cares.

    I get into a car and get on the road with the a bunch of fucktards who kill each other on a daily basis. Thats more dangerous, faster and sometimes more fun. Should I photograph myself in the carpool lane holding a peace sign like a rebel?

  15. Mandy, can you sign my chest?

  16. Lol, learn how to count!

  17. @Mandy : why are you bragging about driving with fucktards ?
    Aleks : that name is plain uncool. But now that we know he can’t count, probably can’t spell either .. wat a dumbass

  18. I know this is a crazy thought, but it might be possible that Aleks is from a country where they spell Alexander differently? If he’s from Russia or had Russian descent, Aleks is perfectly fine…

    Oh, and I occasionally run for the bus and look like a fucktard, which is more dangerous, faster and sometimes more fun. Me and Mandy should totally get it together.

  19. Ben, call me a xenophobe if you must but I still think Aleks is a lame name. Of course calling me a xenophobe would be funny since I’m a first generation American. And yes, it’s a crazy thought.
    My guess is that Aleks parents were not too bright (as evidenced by their offspring) and misspelled Alex.

  20. Nam is amazing for being the only one correct.

  21. N in these comments IS Nam, right?

  22. Ratcoon, you’re a xenophobe. Plenty of people are called Aleksandr:

  23. Ben, you’re a moron. Aren’t we talking about the name Aleks and not Aleksandr? And before you say it, prove that this guys name Aleks is short for Aleksandr.
    For Ben the moron

    So do you think Aleks’ name is actually an acronym?

    Ben FTL

  24. As lame as this photo may be to you all, i think its actually worse how people can go a say how aleks is lame and its spelt incorrectly it just shows how much knowledge you people have, not much at all.
    Did you every learn about different backgrounds and countries oviously not.
    aleks is completly correct and stands for aleksandar.
    So please before you would go and judge someones name, ask yoour parents to teach you something else apart from your own nationality.

  25. spelled. how much knowlegde do you have?

  26. 15.. wait.. 16.. wait 15.. 16..

    Im drunk.

  27. melissa, you need to ask yoour [sic] parents to teach you something. Maybe how to read and write for starters. If you were able to read my post you would have noticed that I was born in another country. I know a great deal about other countries as well. I also know how to troll. Keep taking the bait though, I’m bored at work…

    Please define the following: oviously, completly, and ‘go a say’.

    Also please learn how to use apostrophes and commas. Thanks.

  28. Drew… I’m sorry you missed the point. I’m saying Its just as stupid to brag through photos posted on facebook that your drinking shots of soda and some deluded liquor as it is to take photos of yourself driving in the fast lane because its oh so edgy and dangerous.

    Did that hit your target this time?

  29. some people here need to get a life, sheesh the guy might be stupid but let him have his fun. he doesnt need idiots like you to over analyse his life while sitting on a computer desk while hes out there having fun. let him take pictures of his alcohol consumption, you shouldnt really care less if he’s trying to be cool or not because your probably that nerdy idiot that everybody ignored in school, trying to get some revenge by being such a boring fool over analysing people’s lives by nit picking the slightest things they do.
    Alex? Aleks? Who gives a fuck? there might be a reason behind it. If there isn’t, then so what? Cool or not thats what he chose his name in Facebook. Go live your life, lamebook would be funny if it wasn’t for trolls like you coming here and spoiling the fun.

  30. Whitney's brother

    Jones, are you seriously white knighting over a dude? I hope you’re a chick or gay or something and not just a retard.

  31. wow aleks you’re almost as good at math as me,lol.

  32. I like it how Jones in post #29 says people shouldn’t make fun of [losers like] Aleks and then goes on to say that lamebook could be fun if it weren’t for people laughing at Aleks.

    Well, fun in what way? The way where people post stuff they find on facebook so you can laugh at people like Aleks? Guess so.

  33. I feel like if you remove the face blur he would look just like Jim Carrey in Dumb & Dumber.

  34. Nice haircut you big fat pussy.

  35. So uh… the 16 shots there… plus the 5 you drank… is 20 shots…

    I love those magical free shots!

  36. Lol, I think he’s still drunk

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