Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Brighter Lights

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  1. Fuck. Me.

    Please tell me these are fakes, surely?

  2. Nope, Sorry to inform you, but there is actual idiots in the world…

  3. @ Duke…

    *there ARE actual idiots in the world…

  4. Shouldn’t that be there ‘are’ actual idiots in the world, Duke? But at least your comment proved what you were saying. Fnnnaaar.

    You know, I’m not sure the first one isn’t just a joke. I can imagine doing that. Seeing a duck and calling it a swan.

    Not that funny a joke, admittedly.

  5. Beat me to it, Blimp. Where are my manners.

  6. I think the second one means country as in rural land, not like USA country.

  7. I agree with you erickonfire, Tessa may be asking if she was going to the city or the rural areas of NYC. Lamebook is Lame….

  8. bollywood_rocks83

    I can slide a little on the New York one. Maybe she meant country like “hicksville” or “uncivilized”. My parents are from New York City and they will swear on their firstborn that anyone not living inside the boroughs is an uneducated hick who should be pitied. God forbid you live somewhere like Buffalo or upstate(that’s about as incomprehensible to them as people who hate NYC). Upstate NY to the city dwellers(I know) is about as country as it gets.

  9. The Stonehenge one is the killer for me. You have to be a serious fucking gomper to get it mixed up with a pyramid.

    Fuckwittery makes me want punch blind people.

  10. *to fucksake

  11. I can sympathise with the half cunt-half fish, fucktard Benjamin.

    When we visited Egypt last, I embarrissngly mistook my wifes crap chute for her cunt.

    Boy did we laugh…..no…no we didn’t

  12. I’d love to go visit Stonehenge someday. It’d be awesome if I could come home with a photo like that too.

    @Paranoid – took me fucking ages to work out where your correction went lol

  13. Wow.

  14. There’s a weird thing called sarcasm, and oddly enough, people DO use it. It’s also very hard to distinguish through text.

  15. Does anyone else think that playing Jenga right next to a candle is a really stupid idea?

  16. Anyone notice that Lamebook no longer have a Facebook page? I can’t find it and the posts aren’t showing up on my news feed anymore.

  17. royalskull – i don’t think sarcasm is particularly weird. nor do i find it odd that people should use sarcasm. your comments about sarcasm, on the other hand, are baffling to say the least.

  18. The NY one is stupid. She obviously meant upstate.

  19. Who cares what she meant Mooby, it’s how it is interpreted that matters. DUH

  20. @#15, Only you can prevent hipster fires.

  21. ‘The country’ probably alludes to the suburbs and green space outside New York City but in New York state, jeez. I’m in Canada, when we’re leaving the city we say we’re going to the country, as in countryside.

  22. Nailbat and mooby, I agree, although nobody refers to upstate NY as ‘the country.’ We do have other urban areas.

  23. I gre up in the Hudson Valley in NY, and several of the smaller farm towns refer to themselves as “the country.”

  24. And by ‘gre’ I mean ‘grew’ but I’m a fucking idiot and don’t proofread my posts.

  25. I can attest that living in upstate NY is much like living in a foreign country. In fact, I’d say it’s similar to living in such foreign nations as Tennessee or South Carolina. We have very few blacks and lots of tractors and corn. Plus a bunch of religious zealots and Republicans(eww). It’s kind of gross really.

  26. I don’t see what’s wrong with any of these! I love connect four, when your buddy pulls out the wrong block and the tower falls and you all yell CONNECT FOUR! hilarious! New York-the country is a fine place, full of charming and polite people, it’s a shame New york city isn’t so peaceful. And stonehenge sure looks good that time of year, global warming has really hit England hard though it appears.

  27. Surely these people were all kidding? I refuse to believe there is that level of stupidity in the world.

  28. Did anyone else see Karl Pilkington’s method for playing Connect Four alone on An Idiot Abroad?

  29. I love both NYC and Upstate NY. I am one of the rare few who can be happy with either quiet rural open-spaced farmland or noisy bustling cities. Well, I like a little of both. I can’t really take being in one certain place for too long.

    Though, I agree very much with what christisgay (25) said, it’s the people that make rural areas unbearable.

    LMAO @ Jonjones 26

  30. Jesus, Americans are so thick. Lamebook seems to be a testament to the failure of the US education system, how can someone possible not know what the pyramids are.

  31. @Ben: Right, ‘cos Americans are the only people who speak English on Facebook. Benjamin may not be American. He could be British, Australian, or from any other country that uses English. 😛

  32. Ah yes Ben, All Americans are so incredibly stupid..everything is their fault. If they weren’t too busy eating mcdonalds and failing at school then you would probably be well liked, attractive and maybe even intelligent. Unfortunately, you’re right about Americans…so things must remain the way they are.

  33. @Jonjones – glad you agree.

  34. Well, now that that is out of the way maybe you could tell me why people always say ben in the first post?

  35. lol. #31, I bet you you can’t name anymore English speaking countries

  36. @curlybap – https://www.facebook.com/LamebookFans

    does that help? if not, put some tussin on it.

  37. @curlybap … ok, my comments are awaiting moderation… i suppose that’s because i included links to the LB FB page… it’s called LambookFans. Mmmmkay?

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