Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Jake in the Giant Heap

Jake in the Giant Heap

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  1. WTF, guys; this is an obvious troll! Facebookers are such n00bs; there’s no way he’s being serious, it’s all for lulz.

    Kellsey needs to get a sense of humor.

  2. @DOP I have met a few people who say they have mental illness when they have nothing of the sort. I am not saying mental illness can be easy to get over, not at all. It runs in my family and I also have my own demons, so to speak. I am talking about the people who say they have these things to be cool or different or scary to others. Or you have the out and out attention whores that you often see on message boards who read about being bipolar in a magazine and all of a sudden they have it.

    Not saying either way for buddy up there. I know of 3 separate people who have been diagnosed as bipolar and know that their cycles are much longer than a few hours. Unless they are tweaking with their meds or come off them all of a sudden or doing other drugs on top of them.

  3. he does have a mental disorder, and it’s called munchhausen syndrome.

  4. @anti-Boz

    About as well as the manic depression. Also, fibromyalgia.

  5. What’s fibromyalgia got to do with it?

  6. Storblington LOL! yea

  7. I have bipolar and no one actually suffering it would go about discussing it in such an obvious, offhand manner. And ‘a little deathmetal’ doesn’t turn a crippling bout of depression into an ‘up’. What a fucking moron, I despise people who use mental illness as some kind of accessary to look cool.

  8. Anyone who thinks bipolar disorder or any other mental illness is “cool” is a douche (or a teen). There is certainly nothing cool about it.

  9. @Jane

    It’s another one of those things that a number of people don’t believe is a real complaint.


    Yeah. Pretty much what I said @23.

  10. What anoys the fuck out of me is evryone thinking that evryone whos bipolar will act the same way. We arnt all the same persan.

  11. Hey bipolar I wish you and twats like you would learn the fuck to spell! Every browser has a spell-checker built in so you’re not only thick as pig shit, you’re a lazy fucker too. I’d love to smack you in the face for it.

  12. @woop

    I disagree. I know what bi-polar is because I went to sixth form, and got an A Level in Psychology.

    However, I am still poor and unsociable.

  13. Thanks Bipolish. I can spell very well, I was just trolling. And I caught me a marlin!

  14. What the fuck. My fellow bipolar, go take your damn lithium and take a shower

  15. Bi-polar my ass. Come back when it’s 3 weeks at a time. On an entirely unrelated note, this man should not be allowed to breed. He may begat attention-seeking cretins. For ‘may’ read ‘fucking well will’.

  16. I think he’s just got A.D.D.

    Attention Deficit Disorder

  17. 230 pound fat man crying on the floor…..isnt funny?

  18. bingo for # 28 i love you second if this it true that is some brutal/hilarious shit

  19. *is

  20. Calvin’s got it.

  21. […] […]

  22. @16

    There was no need for the definition, 14 just has a sharp sense of humour.

  23. @60.

    Actually, even though you were trolling, you’re right. Not all bipolar people have the same cycle lengths, let alone consistent lengths. I’m bipolar, and I often have “mini-breakdowns” in the middle of a normal period. That is, I will frequently cry over something insignificant and get over it, yes, *within minutes*. It is possible, believe it or not. From Wikipedia: “There are references that describe very rapid (ultra-rapid) or extremely rapid[24] (ultra-ultra or ultradian) cycling. One definition of ultra-ultra rapid cycling is defining distinct shifts in mood within a 24–48-hour period.”

    However, my depressive episodes are usually much longer. They can last months or years. And I once had a manic episode that lasted an entire summer. But my manic episodes tend to be much shorter, less common, and usually less severe (hypomania), because I have Bipolar Disorder II. Type I is the opposite; the affected person has long and severe manic episodes and shorter, less severe depressive episodes.

    As someone else said, Jacob was probably just joking. Another person mentioned that manic episodes cause one to tell others very personal things easily. This is true, as I’ve experienced it myself, but that doesn’t mean he’s bipolar. Depression like that can’t just be “solved” by listening to death metal. And the fact that he casually changed the subject after that is even more of a dead giveaway that he was joking. I don’t think he’s an attention whore, he just has a strange (and awesome) sense of humor.

  24. STFU FAG

  25. This is pretty late I guess, but #6: You’re wrong. It’s called a bullet.

  26. He sounds like his “diagnosis” came from an internet quiz, rather than an actual doctor. Yes, people *can* cycle that fast, but its very rare..

    As for those who said that someone who actually had bipolar disorder would never talk so openly about it, thats wrong. I have type 1 bipolar (although unlike a lot of type 1’s, i also get really freaking awful depressions instead of the milder depressions…) and im very, very open about it. In fact, i write a blog about what its like to have bipolar disorder, although not as often as i used to because i’ve been busy. I dont want to live with the stigma all my life, so i’d rather just be open. Its not going to go away if i pretend it isnt there, so why not just be open and honest about it?

    I think its up to the individual how open they want to be.

  27. Yea, I agree with 76. I’m not bi-polar, but I have chronic depression, and I’m open as hell about it. And by the way, it sucks. If you’ve ever cried so hard you were physically shaking during, and for hours after, and you were drenched in tears… well it can be like that. It’s pretty awful, most of the time. And psychiatrists don’t help me. Mine don’t, at least. I used to have a friend that helped me more than anybody else, but I ended up falling in love with her, and ruining everything.

    Being self destructive sucks ass.

  28. @gem, agreed, it can be good to open and honest and to discuss various aspects may help, but michael, now u are just being attention seeking. we dont really need to know how u ruined ur friendship by falling in love blah blah blah.. please leave ur opinion in the forum and spare us the soap opera. and “being self distructive sucks ass.”, yes i can imagine it would. you obviously have not done it well enough.

  29. I, for one, am sick of western mental health whiners.

  30. My husband is bipolar and it is hell. He’s been manic for months and no medication is working.

  31. get ur husband to try seroquel…its an anti psychotic that is being widely used to treat bipolar now as a mood stabliser…will make him sleep pretty much constantly for 2 weeks when first on it but then he will stabilise and sleeping back to normal 🙂

  32. Ugh, I hate it when people say stuff like that about manic depression. I’m bipolar myself and have been on Lithium for a long time, and it’s… insulting when people just casually talk about their 5-minute manic episodes or depressive periods. I’ve been dealing with this illness for 4 years and it’s definitely a part of my life I’m not proud of. Only reason I’m posting it here is because of the anonymity, but it’s definitely not something I’d post on facebook.

    Plus, the diagnostic criteria for a manic episode is at least a week in length (and that goes the same with depression), not 5 minutes, so get bent Jake.

    Sorry, touchy and personal subject, I’ve been through a LOT.

  33. I just find that Bipolar is now thrown around like it’s nothing..I agree with Sarah that it is kind of insulting. Only thing is, I’ve been bipolar for 8 years, and episodes like that CAN happen. Just.. in this situation, I do have to call him an attention whore… if I were in that state, which I have been, I wouldn’t be posting it around like it was nothing.

  34. @73 I, too, am Bipolar II and as you said it is characterized by much faster cycling at times.
    @83 I agree with you. Bipolar, fibromyalgia, and ADD/ADHD are often doctors saying ‘We have no idea what’s wrong with you’.

    With all that being said, YES I think Americans are overdosed and over-diagnosed, but there are real mental disorders out there too. People that say pills just make us stupid sheep have not experienced the difference that the right medication can make in somebody’s life, and from my personal experience they often need a good dose of something themselves (or a swift kick in the face, as the case may be).

  35. John Players Standard

    Bi-Polar people fucking piss me off and are fucking losers who seek too much attention. All the ones I’ve ever met were slutty bitches who snorted any prescription drug they could find.

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