Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Top Pics

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  1. are you getting misty or worried about a divide?

  2. hey, stever, i love how you always post ‘stever’.

    just thought i’d let you know that each new post fills me with inspiration, happiness and excitement afresh.

  3. topgearsuperfan

    hmm… I didn’t really miss much, and i love Dawn’s comment!

  4. topgearsuperfan

    @ littlest_hobo i’m beginning to like you too

  5. Where is this world going?
    God.. I’m glad there’s internet,and give us some joy, otherwise they would be just a waste of space.

    I can be a nice person 🙂

  6. Koalas are an Australian icon. They piss everywhere if you get within cooee of the little bastards, and they carry Chlamydia.

    I’m so proud to be Australian.

  7. Pandas > Koalas

  8. krasivaya_devushka

    Wtf @ Dina? Wow haha

  9. @Dawn, liked your comment.

    Do Koalas really carry Chlamydia? That’s so weird!

  10. @wordpervert, i second that, i love Australia 😀

  11. As cute as they are, Koalas will rip your effing face off if you get too close.
    I’m not kidding.

    Thy DO drink water, just not often. In the last few summers we’ve had here, it’s been so hot that Koalas have ventured into peoples yards for a drink, and Kangaroos have gone swimming in the ocean!

    Anyway, what the hell kind of name is Dina?! Dina as in diner, or Dina as in der I can’t spell Tina…?

  12. My dog was attacked by one of those “cute” Koalas and had to be shot. Yes they do carry Chlamydia. Seriously though, once a year we have a Koala go though our back paddock and we leave it alone. Their claws will rip you to shreds (anyone visiting Australia would be best to go to a “Wildlife Park” and you are usually allowed to have a cuddle from one of these fearsome beasts). Also, they sound like an old man having sex when they mate. Except they are like, 10000X louder. ‘specially, when it is outside your window.

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