Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It’s Uncomplicated


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  1. Martina Navratilova

    hey andre! that sounds so fun
    def bring stef!

  2. @HeadlessMonkey Well, I don’t mind a bit of that. When my girl is on the sofa eating ice cream I just say, “Should I call PETA to push you back in?”

  3. hahaha Gabriella Sabatini!!! i dont remember that match!! but what the hell!!

    hahah yeah ride her up the a$$– go hard brotehr FOX!

  4. Yeah, you’re right Mandizzle, I’ll stop now.
    Btw, can you point me in the direction of this fan page on facebook?



  5. Still Lamefatuated with Boz

  6. Hi Andre, Gabriella and Martina!

    Can I come too?

  7. come on EVERBODY knows when a girl says no she really means yes!

  8. Chris Evertt LLoyd Norman

    Hi Gabriella, Martina, Andre & Pat. Is it Ok if I participate in your orgy, I will bring my ex-husband John Lloyd & my present husband “ex-golfer” Greg Norman. Greg has taught me some different strokes.

  9. @WTAOfficial: Like Martina didn’t take those fuck+ng steroids.
    Martina, Gabby, Arantxa, Monica EVERYBODY took steroids (except me).

  10. fail.

  11. The lame thing about this is dave posted it himself!

  12. kind funny.. but why are everyone so obsessed with anal now a days? I don’t get it.. do you enjoy getting shit on your dick? find a girl who is tight in the right place instead.

  13. A girl who knows.

    “shit on your dick” … that level of ignorance simply shows you know nothing about anal or how to perform it.. and your implication that it’s all to do with tightness suggests that you’re unaware that some lasses LOVE the feeling of anal sex.

    Until you actually know something about explorative sex, I reckon you should abstain from commenting on it.

  14. @#2 Jess: It’s not ‘Golden’, It’s ‘Brown.’ You’re thinking of something completely different.

  15. Thought this could have been my friend Jess….but I re-read the text again and realised it couldnt be her…the response on this picture would never leave her lips.

  16. GOLD!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Wicked!!! She should let him ride her ass its great lol

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