Friday, November 13, 2009

Butt Seriously Folks


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  1. Yes, ingrown hairs in your butthole only happen to you.

  2. And so now you know that I didn’t post that link right? I didn’t even click on it.

  3. Goodbye every orgasm I was gonna have.

  4. Why aren’t Lindsay and Christine offering to help her out with that? Do you know how much leverage tweezing a butthole will get you?

  5. this post is completely ASSinine

  6. ^snarf snarf

  7. so in Australia they grow more hair on their asses?? lmao wtf WHO SHAVES THEIR ASSES?? (commenting on that link) and guys if u found out a girl had so much hair on her ASS she had to shave would it bother you??


  9. she seems to have a hair up her ass about it..

  10. Pd: That was hilarious. Finally a funny pun after a while. XD

  11. I liek opposums

  12. 53 (Penny Lane), f*** you. I get waxed, and I’m an adult who isn’t in porn and isn’t a whore. I’m actually happily married and my husband happens to prefer it. You’re a judgemental dried up old bitch.

  13. bah, Penny . . . au naturale has its drawbacks. Holds in moisture, decreases sensitivity . . . To each their own, but to insinuate that someone who prefers to shave is a whore – that’s completely absurd.

  14. Boom. Roasted.

  15. Here’s a bunch of facts

    Fact one: Anyone can get ingrown hairs anywhere they grow hair.

    Fact two: Everyone has hair there. Yes, even girls. Even you! Granted, some more than others. Some like to get rid of it, some do not. Some don’t even notice it is there. Getting rid of it does not make you a wannabe porn star.

    Fact three: Coccyx abcesses caused by ingrown hairs are more common than you’d think. Most common in teenage boys as they are more hairy, but increasingly common in teenage girls. They think this is because of the increasing popularity of wearing thongs (g-strings if you’re Aussie) rubbing the hairs in the wrong direction.

    IF Claudia has not been (and apparently continues to be) fraped, as I suspect, by Julian, then at least she’s aware of it and is trying to fix it. At the same time, if she has not been fraped… too much information!

  16. i do not have an ingrown hair on my asshole thank you very much my x friend wrote that as a joke and if anyone has ever, thats just fucking sick… thank you!

  17. lmao fuckin bitch made lamebook over an ingrown hair in her butthole

  18. thats just… lame.

  19. how does she know its for sure an ingrown hair when its that deep in her ass?

  20. wow. just wow.

  21. i just threw up in my mouth a little.

  22. I swear, some people! GUH!

  23. Ahahaha – people say & do the funniest things, that put a smile on my face.
    Keep it to yourself haha.

  24. ah, the beauty of natural selection and survival of the fittest again shows that even Mother Nature has a sense of humor.

    Then again, this is just flat out disgusting, and should be cause to wash out ones eye-sockets with bleach just for reading it. LOL

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