Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Minor Problem

minor problem

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  1. Oh, this girl is in the other post with the baby now. Changed her name from Kelly to Tatiana I guess.

  2. 🙂

    Jezebel surely global warming is a myth made up by gay immigrants claiming benefits OR STHG.

    The very wonderful “Twat-O-Tron” generates quite believable “Daily Mail Reader” comments at the touch of a button:


  3. She must be one of the “popular ones” in her class.

  4. id put it in her booty

  5. underage sex in the UK? pretty much young girls having a bunch of uncircumcised cocks in there mouth, twat, and butt and having wank all over their faces. thats pretty bad.


  7. I wish kids stayed on MySpace. I weep for our future.

  8. god knows i didnt know what any of this was when i was 14….
    where are her parents???

  9. Jesus Christ…. I KNOW he was being sarcastic, that’s what made it so funny. Dumbasses.

  10. Ugh, I’m glad some one told her so. I guess that makes him a twat.

  11. Duncan, thanks for telling it like it is. What a bunch of overreactionary neighborhood watchdog types we have here.

  12. i live and always have lived in england and i think thats a normal age to be having sex.. however i think its lame for any age to be posting stuff like that on facebook TMI

  13. @spoje Im not sure how u were raised, but im willing to bet that the majority of people find this DISGUSTING!

  14. i was raised in a really nice place actually… teenagers have sex though thats a fact

  15. @50 – No global warming isn’t caused by the gays (I should know, im a gay myself.) Christians in Australia claimed that Global Warming and the Bushfires were the cause of abortions. 😀

    As for this girl…. she’s just a slut.

    What else would you expect from Lamebook.

  16. It’s just a sign of the times and sums up general british female teen culture as it is now.

    Who else finds it amusing they decided to blur out the pencil drawn sex?

  17. @crystal, umm, was that sarcasm, or just an unfriendly post? I never claimed to know my son did not have friends like this, I just said I did not want to imagine it. But yeah, I do know my son pretty well. And I do know most (not all) of his friends. He is homeschooled, and so are most of his friends. So I know their parents as well.

  18. Look at it this way

    #65 – “Christians in Australia claimed that Global Warming and the Bushfires were the cause of abortions”

    No, they claimed that abortions were the cause of bush fires.

  19. “No, they claimed that abortions were the cause of bush fires.”

    That’s what they get for trying to perform abortions with flame throwers.

  20. Look at it this way

    ^ Well everyone’s a genius with hindsight, where were you BEFORE the fires? Thanks for nothing.

  21. AWE HAHA, I find this post adorable. “I’m 14 ya twat” omg :3

  22. i bet she’s from Barnsley

  23. TO OLD!

  24. Look at it this wy

    ^ What does that even mean?

  25. It means he’s a pedophile.

    That was sarcasm, and so was the last line.

  26. Ian was being sarcastic when he said it’s fine then. Geez.

  27. It’s probably a joke from her and Ian.

    Christ some people think talking about sex will get you pregnant.

    Let’s all just move to Canada.

  28. Also, voted most likely to become pregnant by 15.

  29. I’d totally let her be on top

  30. I’d do her in the belly button

  31. If you think carefully all of this can be blamed on gay marriages, infact almost everything that is wrong about the world can be blamed on gay marriages. The churches were right in trying to stop this abomination.

    Underage sex? Gay marriages
    Global warming? Gay marriages
    Hillary Clinton? Gay marriages

  32. fuck….pretty sure thats my ex

  33. oh man, poor you. I guess you’re 35?

  34. @81 You know, you’re right.
    Fat people? Gay marriages.
    Poverty? Gay marriages.
    MY homosexuality? Gay marriages.
    We’ve got to do something.

  35. @84 Just sayin’, being gay doesn’t automatically make you remarkable like it did in high school. I know from personal experience that it can be exhilarating and liberating to come out (oh boy look I did it too!) but you don’t need to go out of your way to try and make strangers think you’re interesting.

    P.S.: you are boring

  36. Extra points to Ian for being somewhat responsible, but I think I’ll have to take them away for using “your” instead of “you’re”.

  37. Yeah, sex with a 12 year old is 100% on the same level as poor grammar. I hope I can one day earn some of your points, or at least make a point as brilliant as yours, douchebag.

  38. @17 Jasey
    a)sorry its a tad late but i just saw this one and
    b)what do you mean “grow up to be” a 14 year old having a favorite position already isn’t slutty??

  39. #2

    Thanks for the forewarning. I don’t think I could have coped had you not warned me, before anyone took his comments seriously, that people may not understand the sarcasm.

  40. I think underage sex has got a lot worse
    Loads of kids at my school brag about what they’ve done; it’s sick

  41. I lost my virginity at 13. I had no problems with that 🙂

  42. @tarantino

    Yeah, I was 14, but I still don’t think every 14 year old is ready, and I wouldn’t have posted that quiz at 14.

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