Thursday, December 10, 2009

Puppy Chow


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  1. frederiksbrugernavn

    I’m from Denmark, and no we do not eat puppies seabea (;

    It’s not exactly hard to understand why minna is so puzzled,
    being like, 80 or so, she never had English in school, I’m just impressed she’s using FB, and that her english is that good (:

  2. I am going to call bs here. Minna is on her friend’s list, and yet has to introduce herself as though she just met her? That is purely so that the uninitiated reader can understand the context of the misunderstanding. Nekea has a second account or a friend does…

  3. I think it’s real!

    However if it’t not, and someone has made two facebook accounts for the soul purpose of creating this moderatly amusing post, then that in itself is lame…. and therefore this post belongs on Lambook anyways.x

  4. awww pore puupy dog
    dat is meen wot peeple is doin

  5. Åh, søde dame. Kan se der er en del danskere som læser med.

    Oh, what a sweet old lady. I’m surprised to see how many danes know about this site.

  6. language barrier FTW!

  7. @ fietsje

    Given Minna is pretty old, I’m going to assume she doesn’t know exactly how Facebook works and thus she just explained their relationship out of courtesy and avoiding misunderstandings.

  8. Oh, I think I know Minna. This is so cute btw.

  9. Chad, I feel like slapping you right in the face!

    Danish is nothing like German! And FYI we can normally tell the difference between eating a doog and feeding a dog…

  10. Dog, shut up!

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