Friday, November 13, 2009

Not My Type


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  1. FIRST! finally

  2. This is crap! Yes, it is quite lame, but it’s also really dull and not in the least bit amusing or entertaining. It’s just someone getting dumped. Rubbish!

  3. So, he wants her to to find someone better, and then go back to him?

  4. I’m so very proud of you jackass- er, jackr…I knew if you kept trying, one day you’d get it! Never stop reaching for the stars, there son!

  5. 2ND!!!

  6. Congrats, bet you’re proud
    Don’t quite see anything funny or overly lame in this

  7. John can’t count.

  8. whats up with the backwards apostrophes “““` instead of ”””’… thats just irritating in itself

  9. ‘Find *something* better than me’. Says it all…

  10. breaking up on facebook is lame. get it? you douchebags complain too much

  11. mayhap it’s lame, but it aint funny. Found more fun in my naval than in this post

  12. “Find “something” better than me ”
    I bet this won’t be very hard to do…

  13. I like turtles.

  14. I was Jonathan, the zombie kid for Halloween.

  15. Alright All

    Just to remind you I am a Man City supporter and also a huge “gay lord”. I love to coco Shunt also

    Thanks for your time

    Big Kiss (to the boys)

  16. Wow a full on facebook breakup.
    I bet the poor sucker deleted his account after.


  18. 🙁 navel ^

  19. Welcome to Dumpsville. Population: You.

  20. Her grammar sucks, but definitely not lamebook worthy.

  21. Are you people fucking kidding me???? She BROKE UP WITH A DUDE ON A PUBLIC FORUM!!!!!

    that is lame.

  22. It’s hard to read the gibberish of the first two sentences, but the first seems to imply that most of their relationship has been over facebook (aka: “Type”). So that makes it okay for her to do the breakup the same way, in her mind.

    The second sentence might be one of those times where you go back to change what you wrote, but don’t delete the entire original sentence? Perhaps she wanted to edit it to just, “Which is why I didn’t get ahold of you.”

    Regardless, it obviously should have been in a message, not a wall post.

  23. Two things: Alexei is a boy’s name.

    And this just makes me sad. (The post itself, not the name.)

  24. disregard that, i suck cocks

  25. It IS a boy’s name! Huh. Lamebook educational moment of the day for me! Thanks

  26. Urgh hate it when people do this ´ instead of ‘ !!

  27. Yeah, annoying hey. My boss puts commas in place of apostraphies in his emails.

  28. That happens when your keyboard is set to something other than US English. It does it automatically when you type an apostrophe. I think English is not Alexei’s first language.

  29. Yeah, English is def. not his first language, and his keyboard is not set to English…My keyboard is Spanish (though I have English added), so this happens to me.

  30. definitely the worst way to dump someone. I bet someone ‘liked’ that, too.

  31. i can think of worse. but it definitely sucks

  32. It has nothing to do with the language set, it is just using a different key to the normal apostrophe key. It’s top left, to the left of the 1 key and underneath Esc: `

    This post isn’t as entertaining as many of the posts but I guess it is lame.

  33. @hmmm

    UK keyboards have backtick (`) there, US keyboards have tilde (~) on that key iirc. Feck knows where US keyboards have backtick…

  34. US keyboards have the ` there, and ~ for shift-modified.


  36. Did you mean YOUR apostrophes are frickin annoying? Because then you’d be right instead of illiterate. If you’re going to correct people make sure you can actually write english competently, otherwise you look like a bit of an idiot.

  37. Alexei is an name of Slavic origin. In Slavic languages, they do not use apostrophes. It would take a disproportionate amount of effort for a Slav to write out an apostrophe.

    Based on his grammar, the use of back ticks and his name, I’d say he’s doesn’t speak English natively, and the back ticks aren’t his fault.

  38. when I post from my cellphone, the apostrophes are backward like that. Only on facebook, tho. They show up correctly on texts. So that could be the reason. It is very annoying!

  39. It’s not a backwards apostrophe, it’s an accent used in some languages (Spanish, French, Italian etc.) like é, á, etc. Can’t think of a word that has either in it, but it’s not the same as an apostrophe. God knows why English keyboards have them so you can just type them out (on Danish keyboards at least, you can press the accent button and then the appropiate vowel and it types out the accented vowel) since it’s not used as anything but an accent.

    So no, probably not something her cell phone did on its own, a lot of people just don’t know the different between apostrophes and accents.

  40. 1) It doesn’t say it was from her phone.
    2) Most phones don’t have the symbol 😛

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