Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fifa, join her on the couch…

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  1. Soccer players=field fags.

  2. Football and soccer, same stuff

  3. Both are fucking shit.

  4. FFS.

    #1 – From the USA? I love your country and your people, my late grandfather was born in Ohio. So don’t take this to heart:

    Association football (soccer as you call it) is the game played by the rest of the world. Get with the program and join in, it’s a fantastic sport. Nobody else really plays your American Football. Please don’t call it soccer.

  5. ^ A lot of people outside of the US call it soccer, as well, but they recognize football and soccer to be the same thing. Some of us understand this, but we still call it soccer because that way, no one is confused. However, we should make sure to call our game American football.

    Heather, there are many that are willing to play with you while he plays with Fifa.

  6. DanR I’m from ohio, what part is your grandfather from?

  7. ^He was born in Toledo to British parents who were non-nationals, I think as the law stated at the time (the year 1917) that he couldn’t claim American citizenship since his folks were only working there short-term in the state at the time, but spent his first year in the country before moving to Britain.

  8. and TBF I shouldn’t really get pissy that people call it soccer, I read that post after enjoying one of the best matches I’ve seen all season and was feeling a bit defensive 😉

  9. Dan, you r British? No wonder u spew so much hate. 🙂

    We Americans embrace and adapt.

    Soccer is boring than American football. Let us admit it!!

  10. Read my post, I said I love America and its people. The only hate I spew in this place is towards attention seeking trolls.

  11. so you give the attention-seeking whores attention?

  12. ^Boom!! Well played sir!

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