Monday, August 17, 2009

And to Think That Comment Would Fly

And to Think

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  1. I never understand why people are facebook friends with each other when they clearly hate one another so much. Is it just to make sure they can see each other’s facebook pages and make sure nobody’s saying anything nasty about them? Or do they just like the drama?

  2. Wait, he left HER for a Marine? Sweet love story.

    I just giggle when I read the part about Kyra “keep ur stupid fuckin comments to urself”. Cracks me up.

  3. You’ve got to be a Jonas Bro, cause you CANT READ!

  4. Jonas is an idiot

    Jonas…Read it again…clearly you can’t read

  5. I wish I knew the story behind Zach, “getting pulled into this too”.

  6. That first part was a joke, clearly humor has escaped you both.

    Thank you.

    This post brought to you by sarcasm.

  7. I want to know what kyra’s threat is.
    A swirlee?

  8. Jonas – There’s absolutely no way you were being sarcastic in your post; it’s just impossible. I’m definitely, 100%, not being sarcastic either.

  9. Is Kyra’s “threat” to Zach that Ashlee is going to get pregnant?

  10. nick looks hot, judging from the jawline and hair

  11. It amuses me that people even remain friends on Facebook even after all the drama.

    And the fact that Kyra is all “leave me alone” when SHE was the one who commented on the photo first.

  12. Ratcoon – You win. That part went over my head haha.

  13. Why are you all ignoring the fact this dude is making out with a 12 year old?


  14. Nico = Nick?

  15. I’m definitely using that line as soon as possible: Have fun getting pregnant again. ahhahahah. who does that?!

  16. What I want to know is why people who hate each other add each other as friends on Facebook in the first place.

  17. Kyra. Fucking seriously. Stop asking people to stop picking on you when you clearly started the fight.
    Ashlee. Fucking seriously. If you don’t want to get pregnant again quit putting up photos that other people have taken of you macking on the couch.
    Zack. Fucking seriously. Please tell us all how a conversation involving three people other than yourself is pulling you into all this. We’re actually dying to know.
    Fucking seriously y’all.

  18. Every single one of these people deserves to be punched repeatedly, but I am still marveling at the fact that Kyra started it with such an incredibly retarded comment.

  19. Someone had the good sense to delete the “Delete” button. Still, you’d think whoever posted that photo would just delete the negative comments, wouldn’t you?

  20. Fucking seriously.

  21. This is what happens to your brain when you watch too much Laguna Beach.

  22. Life in high school is hard. Once these kids get through high school, everything else in life is smooth sailing.

  23. Zack is the baby daddy….hes being threatened to be a repeat offender!!!
    2 dollars ashlee fucking seriously didn’t keep the baby

  24. How did Zach get pulled into it?
    Some people have no lives

  25. Such comments makes me want to fall in love with this world all over again. The peace.

  26. Zach is either the baby daddy or the marine.

  27. Those who did not understand Jonas’ comment need the harder punching.

  28. My favorite line?

    “Have fun getting pregnant again.”

  29. “and to think that used to be me”….. It’s the fact that it’s so sad that makes it so funny.

  30. who the fuck is zach Fucking Seriously.

  31. Perhaps Zach is the one who posted the photo in the first place hence resulting in him being dragged into it by the other 3 making stupid comments??

    I dont know.. could be, lol

  32. whats up with zack?

  33. My theory is, kyra used to make out with nick on couches…then one evening, kyra had horrid breath, and told her to move on off the couch. Kyra got up and sat down on a nearby couch to make out with some drunk marine. Ashlee saw the vacant spot on the couch and begin making out with Nick. Kyra, knowing that a few hours later, Ashlee will be fucking Zach, threatens Zach by implying she will replace Ashlee’s birth control pills with placebos so that she gets pregnant again.

    That can be the only theory that explains this…

  34. Luvinthesecrazybitches

    Zac knocked Ashlee up that is how he was dragged in and the shit Nick said made no fucken sense really…

  35. I also have to wonder why people would even friend each other on Facebook if they’re just going to insult each other and start drama.


  36. Lets just say that picture is lame too

  37. @jelly: I’m hoping Nick was making fun of Kyra with that “fucking seriously.” It does, however, make for some hearty laughs on my side of the internet, so I give it a pass.
    Fucking seriously.

  38. Marine is capitalized. It is a title that is earned and should be respected. The dude is just mad because the girl took off for a Marine.

  39. hahaha no its not marines are murderous scum and theres a special place in hell for every one of them. each marine should be yp against the wall and executed they are the most unamerican thing in the country

  40. Fucking seriously, dta, stop dragging me into this shit. Let it go. Don’t ever fucking threaten that marine ever again.

  41. Fucking shit, Zach, stop dragging me into this marine. Let it shit. Don’t ever seriously shit into this marine ever again.

  42. fucking seriously… XD

  43. @dta

    Cool it, one of my best friends is in the Marines. There’s corruption and nastiness everywhere, not just the Marines, so I’d appreciate it if you didn’t write off people’s loved ones like that. Thanks.

  44. @chineseathena
    Fucking seriously. Dude, he was trolling. Settle down. It wasn’t even a very good trolling attempt.

  45. Exactly how was Zach pulled into this, and how was he threaten by Kyra? (Defriend-button: use it, people!)

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