Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Good Point

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  1. Not bad.

  2. Answer to #3: Because he never paid his bills.

  3. And today’s winner is: Erica! Congrats.

  4. kennyloggnsdngrzone

    Nice snag from Reddit, Erica

  5. vaginalroundhouse

    Yeah Erica, nice plagiarism from every Humor Picture site on the Internet.

  6. Oh, and Leonardo Di Caprio didn’t die. He’s an actor.

    His character, Jack Dawson, died.

  7. The best part of Titanic was when it was over.

  8. Even if Erica copied that from somewhere, that’s not a movie inside a movie. That’s called a sequel.

  9. If I hear the song from Titanic once more in my life, I recommend you hide all the kittens susceptible to be easily hurt by boiling. Loathe that song so thoroughly.

  10. NEEEEARRRRR, FAAAAAR, WHEREEEEEEEEEEEVVVVVVER YOU AREEEEEEEEEE….. That one? Yeah, my piano/sax instructor was obsessed with it. She drilled it so deeply into my head, I bet I could stll play it, despite not having touched a musical instrument in years.
    Oh, she also taught me how to play it on the ocarina. That part was kickass, though.

  11. Loving the first one.

  12. Yes, That one, Panda ¬¬ Though the ocarina sounds cool. Maybe if you were playing something from the Beatles on it?

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