Thursday, July 29, 2010

Store-Bought Surprises

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  1. buds!

  2. and i always go to wal-mart for my tex mex rape. it’s just not the same as at target.

  3. that pig is inspiring.

  4. my last name is cornell and quite frankly i find entry #3 offensive.

  5. mmm… Bacon the healthiest part of the cow

  6. …by which i mean my penis looks nothing like that.

  7. That pig is pretty awesome!

  8. just in case you were curious… A pig’s orgasm lasts for 30 minutes. A pig’s penis is shaped like a corkscrew

  9. Nothing like a nice helping of rape.

  10. Euw, that’s just plain disgusting. Veggie FTW

  11. @MadCrackMonkey
    Bacon doesn’t come from cows, and neither does ground pork…

  12. The nugget spooge is a nice touch.

  13. dirtylittlepretty

    that pig scared me
    but the last one is turning me on

  14. @FHsGirl

    Yes I know. Was paraphrasing a post from earlier this week.

  15. Oh ok, LOL, guess I’m not on here enough 🙁

  16. @15

    do you like german romantic/lyric poetry?

  17. slimjayz I knew it, you’re a big ol’ Ricky Gervais fan, ain’t ya?

    That first one’s gonna haunt my nightmares.

    I don’t know why I wrote the first sentence like that. In my mind I’m reading it in a really unconvincing cowboy impersonation.

  18. Haha that pig is awesome. What a rad idea.

  19. These all made me laugh! And I heart Ricky Gervais for his David Bowie episode of Extras.

  20. One of the best episodes, GrahamDunk. Me loves Ricky.

  21. I am the Lord of the Flies.

    Cock nugget. Heh.

  22. I do enjoy stand up comedy, but had to google ricky gervais… will check him out though

    oh and i wonder if that last one cums with tarter sauce…

  23. I heart David Bowie… 😀
    and These are Hilarious!!! I like the pig.

  24. slim, his stand-up shows are excellent.

    Oh, and good to see you again, stranger.

  25. of course he’s funny; he’s british.

  26. good to see you also word… got some catching up to do… i started here

  27. I hear David Bowie too. That’s why that episode was heaven for me! Have you ever seen Ricky in the Aladdin Sane make up? Prior to seeing it, my husand and I wouls always called Ricky Gervais “Chubby David Bowie”

    “See his pug nose face…”

  28. *heart

  29. Extras is awesome. As is David Bowie. Though I prefer the Warwick Davis episode.

    I hope Lamebook updates soon, that ‘pig’ is freaking me the hell out.

  30. Hobes, the Kate Winslet one is great, too. Bowie, I will love forever.

  31. Duno who that is, but in that line Trevor Noah is good

  32. @alordslums

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard or read any German romantic/lyric poetry.

  33. oh…. oh. i just presumed the fh in your name stood for friedrich hölderlin.
    my mistake.

  34. powerstanceyall

    oh god, i remember as a kid, a grocery store here had a pig head like that molded from pork. it creeped me out.

  35. That first pic looks like Jar-Jar minus the ears.

  36. Paranoid Android

    Who the flying holy fuck is friedrich hölderlin? Sweet move.

    Man, your game needs upping 😀

  37. i have it on good authority that friedrich hölderlin enjoyed regular bouts of gay sex with fellow romantic poet wilhelm waiblinger.

  38. @polecat OH MY GOD, I hope you’re not serious. Cornell= the university.

  39. #2 is from a French-speaking Wal-Mart. They took off the accents on râpé, which means grated cheese.

  40. To newtonismyhero – I dont know if you’re serious, but first of all we dont have walmart in France, plus you can see on the picture that its written in English and the currency in Dollar.

    So definatly not from a french walmart

  41. To jdoe83fr- Newton is technically correct. France isn’t the only French speaking country in the world. It is from a Quebec Wal-mart, hence the $ and the English.

  42. Oh my, le Quebecois will be so disappointed that people in France have forgotten about them. Oh wait – they refused to fight in WWII, so I guess they shouldn’t be surprised.

    I’m surprised that a Quebec Wal-mart is allowed to use the term “Tex Mex” without a le or la in front of it. The language police have probably fixed this by now.

  43. To oopik–>Quebec is a french part of Canada so it’s obvious that it wasn’t a wal-mart of this place,if you look that pic one more time,you can notice that it’s written “as advertised”so it’s definitely not a wal-mart from there

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