Thursday, July 29, 2010

Everybody Hurts

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  1. ben/frodo/steve

  2. hot damn, 3 in a row!

  3. 5 is old enough to watch if its a boy… kid has to learn sometime… if its a daughter, well thats just sick

  4. Wow knobjockey, your name really does describe you perfectly. You could change it to SadPatheticBastard and it would be equally fitting though….

  5. Cheers. Already knew that though, so you fail.

  6. C’mon, I think we’re all failures here.

  7. Something tells me Tina is living off of welfare, selling drugs and living off the taxpayer’s dime.

    Perhaps if her school had been better at teaching her the word of God and less interested in teaching 2nd graders about sex she wouldn’t be both ignorant and an apparently terrible mother.

  8. My God you’re a moron.

  9. The word of God taught me to love people wh olive off welfare, sell drugs and live off my dime.

  10. A Tylenol high from a circumcision? I’m thinking Wyatt lives in a parallel universe.

  11. * Who live. “Olive off”, haha! That’s what happens when Popeye’s not around.

  12. I don’t know why, but I read Wyatt’s the first time as ‘c-section’ instead of ‘circumcision’ and thought the fail was that it was a guy posting it…

    I guess this means that I fail as well.

  13. CommentsAtLarge

    No Wyatt, I believe that was a minor shock-induced coma. It was your body’s natural reaction to being aware of a bladed instrument trimming away at your man parts. Babies don’t experience that since they know fuckall about what’s happening.

  14. to answer tina’s question: it’s okay to have sex if you’re mom is sleeping in the room?

  15. Ummmm, how else is she supposed to have sex in her taxpayer funded crack den??? It’s probably only one bedroom so she shares it with her kid and her 15 other family members who all live off welfare. That’s probably what they taught her in 2nd grade at the sex school she attended….right dan????

  16. Wait… Tylenol gives you a high?

  17. Tylenol w/Codeine does. Kinda like Percoset.

  18. i get high on life…..mabey

  19. Tylenol with codeine for sure. weak. I’d rather have my oxycontin 😉

  20. Eh, Tylenol (known as paracetamol here)/codeine doesn’t do that much either unless you take 6 at a time. The issue with that is you’re really only after the codeine component, the paracetamol does sweet FA for a high.

    The major downside to paracetamol is potential overdose. It takes around 10 grams of the stuff taken at once to cause problems (dependent on age, sex, weight, and tolerance). This might sound like a lot, but it’s only 20 tablets.

    I’ve seen many an “accidental” overdose whether it be due to abuse or a suicide attempt. People think you need all sorts of things like booze and sleeping pills to do the job, but paracetamol will do it very efficiently… eventually.

    If the effects aren’t reversed quickly by both an antidote and charcoal administration, acute liver failure is the likely result. It takes a few days, but the person will get there.

    There’s been many a person who’s contemplated ending things, but not with any real intention take Tylenol/paracetamol thinking not much of it – they get a few days to look back on their actions before checking out. Ugly stuff.

    Why am I telling you all of this? I don’t know.

  21. Fuck that’s long.

  22. @cabbitch – Many people on welfare live quite well, driving Cadillacs, buying iPhones (pretty sure there was also a Lamebook post on this), plasma TVs etc. All while sucking up tax payer money because they are too immoral or lazy to work. It’s typical liberal America. Give money from hard working employees and give it to Welfare Queens.

    Here’s an idea, you don’t want to be poor? Go to church, go to school, don’t join a gang, be fiscally responsible, don’t have sinful premarital sex (especially if you can’t afford “accidents”), take education and employment seriously. If you ask me, the poor in this country are TOO well off. We all know they’re better off than in any other country but perhaps if they actually WERE starving in the gutter, didn’t have an Xbox and 3 iPhones and iPads and iPods they would realize that there are responsibilities in life. If you don’t take those responsibilities seriously, you deserve to be out on the street and I certainly shouldn’t be paying taxes so you can go out and buy new gadgets every month on your welfare check.

  23. Dear Dan_Fargis,

    Your preachings have inspired me to have premarital sex and then abort the resulting pregnancy. I may also hurt some small animals afterwards. See you in hell.



  24. Where’s Zoned and his oxycontin when I need him? I need a couple of those babies.

  25. fuck that shit… weed is all you need

  26. Tina and her man can re-enact that lovely scene described at the end of the movie “Precious!”

  27. I actually agree with the second part of dan_fargis his text… Eventhough he’s the biggest troll in lamebook history, he’s actually right.

  28. dirtylittlepretty

    Tina, stop taking your work home with you; you stupid whore!

  29. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I have taken those tylenol pills numerous times and they don’t really do much with respect to a high. I still have some left if anyone cares.

    Comment#8 is the best reaction to Dan that I’ve seen so far.

    BTW Dan your comments imply that if someone doesn’t go to school and has lots of premarital sex, they will end up with “Cadillacs, buying iPhones …, plasma TVs ” and “an Xbox and 3 iPhones and iPads and iPods” sounds like a sweet deal to me.

  30. word, I’m here! (and female by the way haha). Yeah I agree, gotta take like 10 of those codeine Tylenols to feel shit….I guess we’re drug addicts???

  31. That you’re female makes it oh so much better, Zoned! Sisters-in-codeine-arms. I love it.

  32. But Zoned, it doesn’t have to be only codeine. I’ll take just about anything. I’m not fussy.

  33. Yeah, because going to church and praying to an invisible man in the sky will make money grow on trees and solve everybody’s financial problems. Dan Fargis is a genius! *rolls eyes*

  34. I got something for you to take word… open wide and swallow 🙂

  35. I just got high.

  36. CommentsAtLarge

    Sweet release provided by Slim. Word tested, word approved 🙂

  37. Tylenol high?..ehh just makes me kinda spinny if i take enough.haha.
    methadone’s the only thing ican really dig.and even thats not too often.
    just get stoneddd.

    and having sex when theres a baby in the room,kinda creepy..

  38. Um, pretty sure Wyatt’s status is a joke. There’s no guy in his right mind who would voluntarily get himself circumcised. That’s why the sickos who do it force it on kids, because they can’t say no and they know the guy would never consider doing it to himself. Nasty, nasty, nasty.

  39. Back off slim! Unless you have the drugs!

  40. Dan fargis is probably just being ironic (and pros not a hyper-religious A-hole) and winding people up in which case he would actually be funny and a win (or maybe not)

  41. Of course he is. Dan is nothing but a sad little robot who built a zapper which refreshes the lamebook home and comment pages every 5 seconds in order for him to keep up. While he masturbates, taking the lords name in vain.

  42. I don’t know, after an operation I had on my ear I was taking Paracetamol every 4 hours, with Ibuprofen mixed in if I was still in pain, and I was just walking around all monged out half the time. Wouldn’t really describe it as a high though.

  43. what’s Paracetamol?

  44. wait,i went up,nevermind..

  45. @Dan_fargis
    How dare you assume that someone is living in that manner? Who are you to say that she is a bad mother? I’m not saying anything either way about her, but who are you to judge her as ‘terrible’? You should love her the same as you should your fellow bourgeois, white, Christian, middle-aged father with an office job, a house in the suburbs and his 2.5 kids, and his wife.
    So the poor are “too well off”? The bastards! Quick, we should all go kill them and take their cardboard boxes! Wait…
    And my goodness, I don’t know what’s going on with whatever welfare you’re talking about, but I’m pretty sure your ‘Liberal America’ regulates a little more tightly than to have so called poor going around with cadillacs, plasma screens, iphones, and not to mention all the drugs they must be buying, cause they’re poor right? Because they are just the un-redeemable, ungodly youth of the day, right? That’s what your stereotyping says, correct? So suddenly they’re super wealthy poor? I think not. I think you should lay off people and have a go at not being a jerk. You as a ‘Christian’ would know that you need to love these people regardless. The Bible doesn’t say “Love your neighbor, unless he’s a jerk, he’s poor, he’s an immigrant, he doesn’t agree with you, he’s gay, you think he’s going to hell, he’s stupid, he’s a racist tool, he stereotypes people, or any other reason you can put against him.”

    Because you seem to have had a problem with each of these groups at some time. Actually, I just added the second, third and fourth from last, just because I thought they described you fairly.

  46. Why would it not be ok to have sex if the child is sleeping in the same room??

    I don’t get it.

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