Monday, September 23, 2013

It’s Here!

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  1. Chapter 1.

    If a man is alone, and he speaks, he is probably wrong.

    Chapter 2.

    If a man speaks and he is in the presence of a woman, he is definitely wrong.

    The end.

  2. Chapter 3-
    “Women, avoid any male with dickman in his username to avoid disappointment”

  3. Hahaha, I can imagine the Feminazi rage.

  4. Steever must have finally got out of school to roam the land of Lamebook. Welcome little back little guy!

    Oh..and ironically, women love the dickman. You would be surprised. Really. When yours finally pops out and you grow some fur on it you might be surprised.

  5. YorkshirebornNBread

    it’s obviously the wrong colour! To really piss women off it should be pink…

  6. Steeeeeeeeever for President !

  7. YorkshirebornNBread

    fuck this. The cap’n was right.

  8. Who the fuck is thumbing down this dude? Besides…Womens Studies? Random Signals and Noise? I can’t even work with this shit…Who the fuck is “PeePeeHead”? Are you twelve, motherfucker?

  9. R2D2 fetish maybe?

  10. @Capn – I’m sure it’s the fairer sex that would be applying the down thumb.

  11. No, no, in regards to op, sure. I mean the fellas post above mine.

  12. Ah. Got it. It’s probably one of the Steeevers.

  13. my parents in law just got a nearly new gold Nissan Xterra SUV
    only from working part-time off a pc at home. official source……

  14. Nancy? Seriously? Your sister ALMOST got a RED JEEP CHEROKEE, and now YOUR “PARENTS IN LAW” (Who the fuck taught you english, bitch?) JUST bought a USED CAR? Gosh, Nancy, that IS fucking IMPRESSIVE! I almost thought you were some lowlife scammer posting some bullshit!

    On a serious note. I realize this filthy spammy garbage will never go away on the internet, but what kind of idiot falls for this shit, really? You’d have to be mighty daft to think this hogwash is for realsies!…lol…Next thing you know I’m gonna see some banner-ad telling me to shoot ducks, or how I’m the one-millionth visitor!

  15. It is marketing targeted to Obama voters.

  16. I’m female and I think this is fucking hilarious. I feel the same way about 99% of vagina people.

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