Monday, September 23, 2013

The Face of Society

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  1. Is that “I hate steeeevers” girlfriend??

  2. I was think more along the lines of is that you? ^

  3. Society can be cruel but let’s face the facts. When you look like that, you better be at the top of your class with a MBA at the very least.

  4. Be honest we’ve all stopped that low before, yeah?

  5. ^ I think that’s only you….
    She’s fiiiiine. I mean, look at her face! Full of youth, joy and vitality all in one package! Now that’s a deal, BIGDOG.

  6. Looks like Shreks sister is loose again. Someone cage that beast before it reaches the edge of the swamp!

  7. ^ someone chase her back to the pond.

  8. Is this where I post my reply?
    Is today the 24th?

  9. No, not the pond! She’ll displace all the water! Ya’ gotta string’r up first and feed her something other than cake for a while…Then we can talk about reintroducing her to to water.

  10. It looks hungry

  11. ^ Maybe you should feed her your blubber.

  12. Get a revelation people. If your daddy was ugly, and your momma was ugly, you are pretty much condemned to ugly.

    Beauty is only skin deep,
    But ugly is to the bone.
    Beauty soon fades away,
    But ugly holds its own.

  13. ^ No

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