Thursday, September 19, 2013

Late Night Dilemma

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  1. Your friend is right Stever. It’s because you take them home from a bar. First, by the way, you cock knocker.

  2. You old enough to drink lil guy?
    The guys you like always want sex, but that’s because you met them on a Craigslist M4M ad, after advertising yourself as a power-bottom.

  3. Everybody I meet at bars only want powdered toast!


  4. Steeever knows what a power bottom is. Huh.

    And PTM….only with cinnamon sugar my friend.

  5. They only want sex because that’s all yer good for Ye’ filthy wench!

  6. ^ Or she might have nice titties.

  7. oh hey, PTM is back.

  8. Yeah..but…crabs!

  9. Hey…listen o/t it pains me to see this filthy place going downhill…This shit still pick up on the weekend?…This is breaking my fucking heart…It’s time to take back what’s ours and lock this joint down…haha This friendly polically correct shit ain’t gonna fly. I hate havin’ to seek out new territory, might dock up for a couple days and see just how bad it’s gotten. I don’t who the fuck 90% of who you knobs are. I’m lookin’ for and old-school OG to lay it out haha….

  10. It’s a hard life being a cab driver.

  11. Welcome back CapnJ, and shit, even PTM is welcome after weeks of Stever clones and wannabes. Now we just need Beatus and Bacchante back…

  12. She wants it really the whore!

  13. It’s one of life’s unsolved mysteries I’m afraid, just like…

    Why do all the girls whose drinks I spike at bars have bone dry Sahara cunts?

    We’ll probably never know.

  14. @Capn It’s gone way down hill mate. These dudes make Steever look like the intellectual of the group.

  15. Me is smrt!

  16. I know at one point I just said fuck it and stopped coming here…If my password wasn’t my old bank account number I’d have never remembered it. Just got tired of it, and it seemed like we scared off all the innocent folk I enjoyed fucking with from coming here for awhile.

  17. A man ran into a bar.


  18. I didn’t ‘only want sex’ you slovenly drunken cunt. I wanted food as well.

  19. It’s pissing me off that #9 has so many thumbs down when everything he says is true. The comments section has become the domain of unfunny fuckwits.

  20. ^ Why don’t you change it?

  21. Because it’s much easier to sit on your fat ass and bitch about it.

  22. @Zatknis – I’m but one voice, it’s hard to keep up with a dozen trolls…constant Steeever clones, people writing pointless comments such as “powderedtoastmaaannnn” or “hinduuuuu”. I actually miss the days where it was just Steever himself. Yeah it was repetitive, but hey at least it was original. Nice to see some of the old school posting again though. Never thought I’d say this, but we need MsAnneThrope more than ever…

  23. …and I know it’s just the Lamebook comments section, yeah there’s more to life than this shit – but this place used to be dope for witty banter and would actually improve a shitty day at work. Now it’s run by pre-teens.

  24. I guess we’re stuck on this one for the weekend. Anybody got big plans?

  25. ^ I’m going diving with my brother 🙂 How about you? Anything exciting?

  26. Studying for a test with the Phoenix fire department!

  27. My weekend is dead…I did a bunch of landscaping around the yard this week and organized the porch…nothing big, had a killer hangover for “talk like a pirate day” Didn’t even know it existed ’til dear ol’ Franky told me about it last year. Had to hide/delete all my old tumble content due to it interfering with my personal life. MsAnne is cool as fuck, Bacchante, Beatus, Franky, Dan, Lost, ect, I know I’ve forgotten a few names…but this place will never make any substantial comeback with only a couple people capable of forming good old fashioned, possibly offensive, insulting, agumentative content.

    I’m seeing way too much of this repetitive, do-gooder, circle-jerky bullshit….and yeah, fuck it is just lamebook, but how many decent forums/comments sections are left out there to bullshit around on…Hell, most people stumbling around don’t even realize there is a comments section here. I may stick around for a bit and see how it goes, weekends mostly. Just so I’m not trying to chase down posts and forget what’s what…haha….

  28. You know what else we need here? A fucking option to edit our posts. Autocorrect is consistently trying to fuck my words up!

  29. I don’t post here very often, but the only reason I keep lamebook in my faves is due to the comments. I was about to give up on bothering with this site. I agree with #9, #14, #19, #22 and #28.

    This weekend I think I’ll pick up some hot guy in a bar, and bang him ’til he’s begging for anything but sex. Then I’ll sleep off the hangover.

    What I actually meant by that is: This weekend I will be changing diapers, cleaning bottles, and entertaining someone who’s sense of humor consists of slap shtick and funny noises. Then I’ll try to sleep off the work week, but most likely get no sleep.

  30. You can never give up on this site. Even with all of the Steve(r)(en)s, hindus, and comeback pieces of toast. I like to call them the Spirit Fingers.

  31. Shut the Fuck up the lot of you. I’m trying to read quality comments on lamebook.

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