Thursday, September 19, 2013

Why’d You Ask?

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  1. Is this supposed to be funny?

  2. If you’re still in school, anywhere, you are entirely too young to make obscure (and laughably unfunny) ‘Friends’ references.

  3. Hey you fuckers!! I’m back!!!


  4. Yeah, whatever..

  5. I’ll fuck you up homes! Try me!

  6. Go ahead, do it again. I’ve got my cannon aimed right at your portside.

  7. So…what I don’t understand…are you trying to be subtle at convincing me you like it rough?

  8. They were on a break, but being on a break doesn’t mean you have an excuse to go out and fuck whoever you want. Having a penis gives you that!

  9. The best thing about having friends is that you don’t have to explain why you shot your goo bolt into their mum’s handbag.

    I have very few friends.

  10. Ross in the middle looks really shit-faced.

  11. I believe he looks like that all the time. His mother should be ashamed. It’s called being ugly. Just like every newborn some still doped up new mother parades around bragging about, and tries to shove into your arms. NO, I don’t want to fucking hold that little beast you slag! Babies are ugly as fuck, but most people don’t have the testicular fortitude to tell the parents this. “Oh my god, that little slimy alien like creature you just squeezed from your vagina is SO fucking cute!”

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