Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Got Probs

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  1. FIRST……YES!!!!



  3. This Charming Man

    Why is he on Facebook in the dark rubbing his dog? That sounds very sad. Very sad indeed.

  4. I sense a charming man who has a bit more experience using Facebook in the dark and rubbing other things…

  5. His dog has a goatee? Does it also have a tiny beret and smoke thin cigarettes?

  6. ^it prolly has a goatee because it feels self-conscious about it’s double chins.
    just like every other dude with a goatee.

  7. I am not even sure what the second one is…

  8. @hawkbit, the juxtaposition of the pictures makes it appear as if the child has a penis in its mouth.

  9. ^ which isn’t funny…

  10. ^ the child seems to think it is.

  11. ^ The child is drinking a bottle, not realizing it is being made to look like it’s sucking a cock. Shit just ain’t even funny with children.

  12. What a coincidence. I’ve been saying the same thing about the commenters here for about year now.

  13. ^a whole fucking year, hey? and yet here you are, dragging your whiny ass around the internets?
    are you card-carrying stupid?

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