Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Oral Reward

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  1. “I woke up at the dentist and my pants were unbuttoned and my teeth were bleeding! Aaaaugh!”


  3. Gay.

  4. Gay and virgin.

  5. Fake, gay, and virgin.

  6. spit and rinse.

  7. So his oral reward was a shitty salt n pepper serenade? I would never floss…..ever….unless it was “waterfalls”. Then that would set off a moisture bomb in my undies.

  8. best thing about today’s lamebook experience was watching that fuckhead steever failing repeatedly to get the first comments – just like the little bitch he is.

  9. Dumb

  10. Fake, gay, virgin and stupid.

  11. …when I came too, a swarthy Greek man called Abraxas was 4″ the way in of a 10″ dong into my colon.

  12. ^ did you mean ‘to’ or ‘too.’ Either works I suppose.

  13. @12, wow, I *did* mean “to” but reading with “too” is almost funnier if not a little weirder. ie if I was working up to an orgasm, how is it I only noticed 4″ of cock in my arse when I came and not before??? That would be odd.

    Thanks though, I did fuck up, I meant “to”

  14. There is nothing sexy about a dental surgery… oh, unless we’re getting stuck into the nitrous oxide beforehand / during. That could be fun.

  15. Russian dentist Igor Alexandrov disagrees with you, Bacchante. he thinks it’s well sexy.

  16. *googles*

    Well now, he seems like he’d be a catch!
    Fucker should have committed suicide like all the other self-respecting dentists who realise that their clientele hates them.

  17. I’m sensing some issues here.

  18. My dentist is hot. I love it when he says “open wide”

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