Thursday, March 22, 2012

In It to Win It!

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  1. my best friend’s step-sister makes $60/hr on the computer. She has been out of a job for ten months but last month her check was $19397 just working on the computer for a few hours. Read more on this web site

  2. You should marry her, Howard…

  3. i actually prefer howard to stever. now if only they confined themselves to the first post.

  4. Howard is really a duck, and I’m guessing his/her name will be ColtonBanski tomorrow. I prefer Steeever. At least he sometimes adds to the conversation. Howard’s simply a spammer, and spammers are the lowest of low.

  5. Howard’s best friend’s step-sister works 80 hours a week to make that sort of coin. 11.5 hours per day, 7 days a week. …so hard for it honey…

  6. it would be great if lamebook were a little more on the ball on this spamming issue, i reckon. can’t be that hard to shut howard and cronies down, surely…

  7. Lamebook moderators – get Howard’s IP address, cancel his existing registration, and then bar him from creating new accounts with that IP.

    It’s not fucking rocket science. You’re on the take, aren’t you?

  8. The worst bit is when some spamming ‘tard makes one stupid post in a thread, and then that thread becomes utterly dedicated to the spammer. Look, I’m fucking doing it too…=(
    and it was *such* a quality lamebook post, perhaps it’s not too late to resurrect it? I think I’ll have a go.

    #1. silly. Obabma isn’t black.
    #2. I don’t give a shit. fuck team sports
    #3. lollipops? real women train for blowjobs by siphoning petrol.

  9. Fine. I’ll bite.

    1 – Depends on who you talk to.
    2 – You’re right. Neither do I.
    3 – Close, but siphoning petrol doesn’t take long. I say they just practice on the real thing.

  10. 1. Obama be a player, yo
    2. Tebow sucks.
    3. they peel a banana with their mouth

  11. just try removing a fuel cap with your teeth.

  12. Siphoning petrol = spitting. Well, that’s no good.

  13. 1.sure you can go back it’s called ‘re-nigging’
    2.even Jesus can’t help the Jets
    3.there once was a lollipop from nantucket, then, um, DAMN IT I don’t know any good lollipop jokes.

  14. ^#1, no it isn’t. re-nigging would mean aquring a subsequent niggar. I think you’ll find that the made-up word you are searching for would be ‘de-nigging’ or even ‘un-nigging’.

  15. *acquiring. please accept my insincerest apologies.

  16. nonsense, Ms. what micheal jackson did was de-nigging and un-nigging is just plain racist.

  17. President Obama is half black, half mutant.

  18. ^Prove it!

  19. sisqi, I feel we are skirting around the tip here, but are really failing to penetrate to the meat of the issue, ie – that re-nigging is an erroneous title and there is no such thing as racism.

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