Friday, September 10, 2010

Share It or Spare it

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  1. Thanks for not swallowing me?

    Uh… am I just really tired, or does that make no sense at all?

    Also fuck Kelley. You just know she’s thinking ‘oh man, everyone knows how much sex I’m having, they must think I’m SO awesome and SO hot. They just don’t know that a tramp broke into my car and masturbated in the back seats while I was shopping for cat food’.

    I trailed off. My point is Kelley’s an attention seeking fuck. Nobody cares how much sex you’re having! How many times do I have to reiterate this?

  2. They should quote me on the FB homepage.

  3. Brooke annoys me. Misspellings are bad enough, but as an Amy myself, it’s ‘specially ‘ffensive.

  4. Self effacing bitches like Kelly’s make me want to step into a suicide booth. Or throw them into it.

  5. Yes Brooke your spelling is ridiculous but that situation wouldn’t have phased me. Gimme a call.

  6. Yeah ‘wow’ for sure Kelley… I had my new car a solid 12 hours before I was even caught punching the clown in it..

  7. mass, does your clown have a honk nose? Just curious.

  8. Yes ee … purplish in color.

    Hey ee , how’s FLA? Cool here in Ontario but sunny (cup half full).

  9. Hobo – you must be really tired. He was expressing thanks for not having his genetic material be used in fellatio rather than reproduction.

  10. Kelley did not post that on her FB, she left herself logged in somewhere. And someone made her pay for her neglect.

  11. @Ben Dover: I agree.

  12. I’m sickly fascinated by the “thanks for now swallowing me” comment. WFT does it mean??!

  13. It’s a blowjob joke, Asriel. He’s thanking her for not swallowing the sperm that made him.

  14. mass, it’s pretty hot, but we are about a month from our FL fall. So that’s not too bad.

  15. Maybe she got the load in her mouth and instead of swallowing she dribbled it into her pussy while thinking ‘ Hmmm, This would make a good bedtime story to tell my future child so he can post it on his facebook.

  16. That’s what confused me. I know some teenagers worry that swallong after a blowjob might get you pregnant, but I never realized not swallowing was a fear too.

    I mean, if he’s gonna theorize on the various things she could’ve done with that stuff instead of concieve him, swallowing it’s pretty tame. I could beat that with stuff I’ve learned from Lamebook alone.

  17. too bad that guy didn’t decide to cockslap Brooke, maybe she would have spelled a little better in this post.
    and wtf is with her begging to be called at the end???
    bitch can’t even beg properly..Brooke that is not how you do it!

  18. Matthew’s daddy, on the other hand, would say the direct opposite.

  19. I wish I made out with my teacher. He is hot stuff.

  20. Some of the comments you people have posted should go on the website. REALLY? Jesus Christ some of the world’s people are dumb!

  21. Are they not on the website – the comment section is part of the website, no?

  22. Are you suggesting a site along the lines of Because if people could then go on that site and comment, they might hae website worthy comments and good lord it would never end.

    Lindsey – Drunk, whore or kid?

  23. Lindsey – a drunk whore kid. That would be my guess.

  24. if making out with three people who just happen to be in the same class you’re taking makes you a whore, well, i guess that makes me SuperWhore!

    i think kelley is more whoreish than i am, though.

  25. Lindsey just goes to a small school. No big.

    Brooke was hammered when she accidentally wrote that status in what was supposed to be a private email. I type just like that when I’m drunk too, haha

  26. Brooke should not be so embarrassed, the menstrual cycle is a completley normal biological part of the human existence.

    I myself have often parted the Red Sea and I am not ashamed to admit that a little bit of me revels in the fantasy that my cock is so massive that it causes severe internal injuries.

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