Monday, November 15, 2010

Minor Keys

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  1. Testicles.

  2. Valid dicktorian, my new favorite.

  3. Creamed babies?! That’s even better than baby nachos, though I’m sure the recipe for making it is similar. Katherin, stop trying to cover up. You know you meant to type that.

  4. Considering how predictive text chooses the most commonly used word first, it’s funny that Katherin’s phone chose “herpes” before “heroes.”

  5. It wasn’t necessarily self-corrected; she may just have fat fingers.

  6. Randy said he did “good” on his SAT when the correct word is “well.” He’ll never make valid dicktorian. Maybe he can pull off salute a tore Ian. MAYBE.

  7. I will impersonate any individual who I deem to be Lamer than the Lamebook entries… beware!!

  8. I have nothing to say about these posts. Except that valid dicktorian is mine now, so suck it.

  9. Why did you decide to take the space out and make it one word?

  10. @FHsGirl:
    Yeah, that must be it. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the O and P buttons are right next to each other, and on the iPhone it is very easy to hit different letter by mistake, and spellcheck not kicking in because both are valid words…

  11. ha herpies….

  12. Is this more to your liking then? Oh and one thing you should know: I will impersonate any individual who I deem to be Lamer than the Lamebook entries…beware!!

  13. valid dicktorian, Uber-Username-Man has just deemed you lame!!!

  14. A certified, valid dicktorian. I love it.

  15. Thank the Heavens he’s a valid one. I mean, just think of if he weren’t legit. All of the repercussions, and legal atrocities for plagiarism, lying.

    “You sir, stated that you were a valid dicktorian. We have reason to believe that you are a fraudulent plebeian! In fact, we have proof right here. Your forged ID…”

  16. I did gooder on my SAT, watch out Randy

  17. Ahem, I think you mean ‘goodest’ fapper girl. I quite like Randy, he is probably super happy with his SAT results. I hope he does become Valid Dicktorian.

  18. haha, nice job getting that username @valid dicktorian. Anybody see this about the lawsuit thingy on srslysorry… . i laughed.

  19. At first I thought there might be a future for me and katherin, unfortunately, she is addicted to that lame show heroes and not to Herpes so alas; it can never be.

  20. Totally agree with JonJones. I’ll probably never find someone who actually likes me for me.. and my herpes. Let alone be addicted to it.

  21. Randy is obviously trying to get on Lamebook. She has never had a valid dick in her life, nor will she ever.

    Babies always cream loudly on the upper floors of the sweatshop. That’s where they go when they can’t shine the bullets anymore. Only Americans waste young flesh.

    Who isn’t addicted to herpes? It’d be more fun if Sonja had written, “Me, too.” Or, better yet, “Sorry.” Herpes between lesbians is more special.

  22. I’ll never forget my fist baby creaming experience.

    I splashed up inside this poor pregnant girl’s pink palace and hey presto! One creamed baby. When the wee nipper finally broke free he looked like he’d been showering in mayonnaise for a month.

  23. Haha that’s awesome this got on here. And jonjones, I think we could still have something goin on! Lol

  24. I love that Imamofo accidentally wrote ‘fist baby creaming experience’. That sounds like it would make for great porn.

  25. @23
    Ok, but you are going to have to make the choice. Heroes or Herpes…which one is it gonna be because lord knows you can’t have them both.

  26. Hmmm…I am thinking heroes, since I could still have hot steamy condomless sex without feeling guilty : /

  27. Big mistake katherin, I was the best thing to ever happen to you!…you’ll never get herpes like mine again =(.

  28. VERY true!
    Since its the gift that keeps on giving…I will be thinking of you every 2 months or so for the rest of my life!!!

    OHHH jonjones, youre always so thoughtful 🙂

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