Thursday, August 27, 2009

Whether or Not, Still Wrong


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  1. hahaha – I love Carson.
    @ Bri Bri Bee Rat, ‘repetitive wall of accuracy’, excellent.

  2. ATM=at the moment

  3. Carson, I love you.

  4. I can’t breathe! I need more Carson in my life!

  5. stupid fucking Americans.

  6. LMAO!!!

  7. To the first entry…

    August 27th, 2009 at 6:15 pm
    LOL. FAILLLLL. Tis a sad world we life in.

    It’s actually ‘live’ with a ‘V’.

    I think it’s very funny that everyone on here are correcting each other from their comments about someone who can’t spell. (Guilty as charged).

    And then I’m sure, whoever DOES leave a message will make sure all of their words are spelt correctly so they aren’t ridiculed. (Guilty as charged again).

    All mockery aside… At least Kieran tried. Some people can’t spell well (and that, at times, won’t be due to lack of attention/education in school)and wouldn’t try to correct it.

    Although it’s on facebook and made public to all ‘friends’, at least Carson was a friend enough just to simply say, ‘Wrong’ & ‘Still Wrong’ and NOT ‘hahahaha you are such an idiot!! You don’t spell it like that!’. It was a simple acknowledgement and Kieran tried again.

    Anyway… enough of being ‘deep and meaningful’. – It still made me chuckle.

  8. ROFL:]

  9. I’m surprised that the amount of pointless American bashing (e.g. #55) on lamebook far exceeds the amount of pointless Canadian bashing. Either Canadians far outnumber Americans on this site or Americans posting comments aren’t living up to the stereotypes foreigners have created for us…

  10. Spelt? Smelt? Spelled?

  11. @sarcasticmeow

    Kill the mom living in your head.

    Carson FTW!!!!

  12. Like the silly Internet jargon of these comments make any more sence to anyone outside of Azeroth.

  13. Carson is my favorite person ever.

  14. I agree w/ mary, wow. Carson is awesome for pointing out Kieran’s obvious inadequacy as a human being. weather, opps, weither, wheather, dictanary, speel, dictonary. Please die.

  15. lmao FAIL

  16. This could have gone on and on. It gets funnier with time, and it would have driven the poor girl mad. And she would still be wrong.

  17. Hello all!

  18. Carson is a god among men. Reminds me of a young Kenneth Branagh

  19. Carson Langridge fan

    that’ll do Carson Langridge….that”ll do.

  20. Well met.

  21. Being someone who lives in AB, but wants to move to BC, does that make him a ‘CD’?

  22. i think it makes him an AC

  23. Carson For The Win…LMAO

  24. On behalf of BC, please stay in AB.

    Carson is top notch.

  25. At least Kieran keeps on trying and doesn’t just say, “i dnt care cuz iz fB.” – We see that way too often. ^-^;

  26. I think I love Carson… <3

  27. really? that’s what the dictanary said? Honey now you might want to look it up in the DictIOnary okay! Thanks.

  28. Carson FTW!

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