Thursday, August 27, 2009

Delivered to You LIVE!

Delivered to You Live

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  1. luckily facebook wasn’t out when she lost her virginity! lol mind you….how much could she have wrote in 2 mins…

  2. fuck off you fucking fucktard I can’t believe she is posting while pushing. What a fuckwit. Like anyone FUCKING cares about the fucking details. FUCK!

  3. Ryker??

    Worst name ever..

  4. I wonder if she FB’d the conception?

    If you think about it anyone could have had hold of the phone, if not then god help the kid….

    Haha some people deserve to be put down tho honestly, right have to go, I’m going to give a play by play of a monster shit I have brewing.. (Photo’s included)

  5. Fake RICK=Jason right Sabrina?

  6. Meanwhile, in other news, doctors have been forced to declare nothing but C-section births because of the annoying cell phone notification sounds that keep messing up everyone’s concentration!!!!!
    No photos allowed either!

  7. @ Sabrina, OOO FUCKING RLYYY? She was using a mobile phone! Holly shit, are you for real!?

  8. Who the fuck names their kid Ryker? Why would you put that on a poor innocent child who never did harm to anyone? Geeeez.

  9. A delivery room is no place for a cell phone. Or the father.

  10. I wonder what the doctor felt about her sending FB updates during birth. Probably shaking his head in disgust. Was the father or anyone else around. I just wonder if there was anyone there trying to snatch the phone from this girl.

  11. Twenty minutes of pushing really isn’t that short.

    Now back to making fun of the wench…

  12. What about the afterbirth?

  13. Ryker was my dogs name………………….

    Just throwing that out there

    Get a life

  14. This sounds like an episode of 16 and Pregnant to me

    “Oh wow you’re eating Taco Bell right before you get induced?”
    “Oh I know, right! Hahaha!”


  15. WTF? Firstly, TMI! Secondly, when I gave birth to my son 3 years ago there was so much going through my head that I could not focus on anything else except the birth. Why the fuck is she updating her status message when she should be holding her newborn? That’s just not the time and place for multi-tasking.

  16. Haha! This shit is hilarious, I just found this site. I’m totally not going to get shit done today at work, like anybody gives a shit!

  17. the PINNACLE of facebook oversharing. Please, get off the internets.

  18. who would name their child ryker?

  19. I have a few people on my list who do this… ewwww.

  20. Some people should be beat with their own laptop. Talk about a internet addiction.

    *scurries off to push out the after-birth*

  21. Best. Lamebook. Ever.

  22. This cant be on facebook.
    Facebook shows dates in ascending order, with the newest time on top n so on.

  23. The editors change it so the readers don’t have to read it backwards, moron.

  24. Updatin’ whilst dilatin’ . Jesus H Akbar is this what our techno culture has come to?

  25. Unbelievable…giving birth to a new baby and posting every single detail about it on Facebook. What’s next? Constant FB updates on the baby’s first words? First steps? First food?

  26. WTF??????? that’s all I can say!

  27. OMG I want a 20 min delivery.

  28. Why is Ryker a named after a differently-spelled jail?

  29. RYKER?

    Rutt Roh

    She let Rooby-Do rame her raby.

  30. I feel sorry for the baby

  31. Aside from the name, I don’t have a problem with this.
    My family is spread all over the country. If I were to have a baby most of them would not be able to be there. Posting like this on fb would probably be almost mandatory to keep from getting calls every ten minutes from various relatives asking how it was going. Plus, I would want to share what was going on with those close to me.

  32. what is boggling my mind is why the fuck and how the fuck did this lady have access to facebook while she was pumping one out?

  33. @ 82: Mobile. Probably a home birth, too.

    Ugh, pregnant freaks disgust me.

  34. @ 83: One cannot have an epidural at home unless you are using Michael Jackson’s anesthesiologist. And, she is hardly a pregnant freak considering how normal epidurals are and how she would not likely not be feeling any pain, thereby making it not so challenging to update her facebook via her phone (or have someone else do it for her…)

  35. Truly lame!

  36. I don`t think you could text during a pregnancy.

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