Thursday, August 27, 2009



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  1. This is amazing.

  2. Oh Rich…

    You’re my hero.

  3. Of course, he could have been pulling her leg.

    But it’s much more entertaining to ignore that possibility.

    *wiping tears*

  5. He’s obviously pulling her leg. I say, PULL IT RIGHT OFF!

  6. This is so great!

  7. he is JOKING!! you are all too STUPID to see that!! SHUT UP!!!

  8. Bella gives better head.

  9. omg that’s awful

  10. Bella is a cats name. Poor girl, I’d fell pretty shitty if my ticket had been given away to a cat.

  11. Bahahahaha. That is all.

  12. I have laughed.

  13. oh please god let this be true.

  14. Topical, I like it…

  15. I`m just surprised nobody actually clicked on like…

  16. Wow, what a dick!!

  17. Richard has a friend called Dan who likes Charlotte. The plan was to build Charlotte up about this festival, and then pull the rug out from under her at the last minute. Only then, when Charlotte is at her lowest, most vulnerable point, will Dan casually call around and take advantage of her for the purposes of sex.

  18. I still think it’s a lot simpler.

  19. How cruel of Richard… but funny.

  20. Thanks #19, daaaaaaaaaamn that looks like a good lineup. Wish they did (good) festivals here…

  21. Ooooooh SICK BURN.

  22. I like this.

  23. Theme for the next Tyler perry movie

  24. Who`s Tyler Perry?

  25. That judge guy on the new Star Trek….He makes movies, and Richard and Charlotte just gave him a storyline

  26. Richard wins the ultimate burn prize as well as the win. We all could use a friend like him to bring us down to Earth on occasion.

  27. Shouldn’t they rename the Leeds festival (again)? Maybe something like Lame Emo Festival. Good lineup?! Maybe if you’re 12.

  28. I was going to say ‘maybe if you’re British’, but they gave us the Beatles so I dare not go there.

  29. 3rd degree burn!

  30. @ratcoon

    “they gave us the FUCKING Beatles so I dare not go there.”


  31. @’fterklang I think you mean The Bee Gees.

  32. absolutely soulcrushing.

  33. Or Flight Of The Conchords. Or Swans. Man, I don’t know who’s who anymore…

  34. lol the beatles suck

  35. Flight of the Chonchords comes from NEW ZEALAND you stupid fucker.

  36. 🙁 i’d buy her another ticket

  37. hahahaha, funny as fuck.

  38. and bella is so much hotter than you!

  39. poor Charlotte.

    in other news, that lineup is like the British version of the ACL Festival here in Austin. there actually were some good acts lined up there.

    it wasn’t all whiney emo crap. 🙂

  40. I agree with #27, the lineup was lame. Plus, the masses of pre-teen emo kids I saw in Leeds over the weekend, holding up my FUCKING trains while they crarried their backpacks and shitty little emo guitars made me want to kill them. All of them. Not to mention all the trendy fashion victims who went solely to sing along to one Kings of Leon song, fickle, fickle people.

  41. I looked at the lineup, it was deftones radiohead and faith no more and a gang of shit I’ve never heard of

  42. LOL!!!

  43. Oh God. I so wish this guy was being serious. Still LOL’d hard though.

  44. i hope this is charlott “poo girl” taylor!

  45. Bella had a bigger dick

  46. Please don’t post direct links to facebook pages… only people who are stupid enough to sign up for facebook are able to see them.

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