Thursday, August 27, 2009

Can’t Wait ‘Til Next Year


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  1. only if she’s Sleeping Beauty

  2. let’s do the time-warp agayayain.
    It’s just a jump to the left…
    And then a step to the right…
    With your hands on your hips…
    You bring your knees in tight…
    But it’s the pelvic thrust that really drives you insane,
    Let’s do the Time Warp again!

  3. Skye took the WHEN WILL YOU HAVE BABIES quiz and got the result

  4. Haha.. btw.. that seems to be the date everyone gets when they take this quiz on facebook.

  5. She obviously takes a lot of quizzes and knows you have to take them with a grain of salt. For this one, you need to subtract 14 months off of the result.

  6. lol headless

  7. Donald Trump's Comb-Over

    Looks like Skye’s head is in the clouds.

  8. You’re going to get married next year, Futureman!

  9. In a hurry to get married I would say… She`s shaving off a full year.. Maybe she`s planning on getting knocked up soon!

  10. This is lame that lamebook posted this. Sure, this is “lame” but seriously, a lot of people would react like that in a “joking” manner. This is way too common of a reaction to be on here.

  11. I think you need to read it just a little bit closer there, chip.

  12. Ah… got it.

  13. chip = jason

  14. Lern2calendar.

  15. Hahaha… I wish I could be that cool, Sabrina.

  16. Oh wait…she thinks we’re in 2009!!! 🙂

  17. I would love to see the devastating heartbreak that these girls would express should the result “Never. No one will ever marry you” come up.

  18. this is not nearly as lame as some of the stuff I have submitted. fuck you lamebook.

  19. Patience Stevie

  20. Only to be divorced 3 months after..

  21. I want to see Skye’s reaction when she recognizes that she has to wait two years, not one.


  22. lol idiot.

  23. really tho. how do you not know what year it is?

  24. what does a year mean?

  25. Why does the quiz use an image that includes the phrase “Marriage = “? I have never seen that phrase used outside of racist/homophobic propaganda. Looks like the quizmaker is lame too.

  26. You have to wonder why anyone would take a quiz claiming to tell them when they’re getting married. What’s that about? I don’t get any of those Facebook quizzes. I don’t need a computer programme to tell me what my favourite colour is. Srsly.

  27. this one is crap.. ive sent in much better stuff and they never got posted.

  28. Oh, Jim.

    Jim, Jim, Jim.

    Even if you’re right, you just look like a whining little bitch.

  29. In some parts of Asia and Australia, it may be 2010 already

  30. too bad she didn’t get December 21, 2012!

  31. @Flip In some parts of Australia it’s 1500.

  32. I think the only thing lamer than this post is the fact that people get so pissed off because lamebook won’t post their supposedly better submissions.

  33. @MrBotItAll That was my point in #28. Gosh! I can’t believe you didn’t read it!

  34. Moar lame! Moar lame!

    PS It’s actually 1501 here. Raging hangover from downing all those medieval goblets of wine at the new year’s do last night.

  35. Umm guys I hate to break it to you but its the year 2009 right now and the quiz says she’ll get married in 2011. Which is two years from now. Jeez learn how to count people.

  36. I find it more amusing that people actually BELIEVE these quizzes… “Facebook can tell the future! Mwahahaha!”

    @ Cleo – I’m pretty sure that was the thing everyone was laughing at.

  37. Is she Skye from “Skye needs a limit”….hahaha

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