Thursday, August 27, 2009

Jason’s Garbage


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  1. Who goes by Eyeskull?

  2. Jason – You’re Fired

  3. Note to self… never name a child Jason

    Or Eyeskull…

    and “7 people like this”? Really? Fail

  4. classy.

  5. Genius.

    I love Thank you for brightening my day.

  6. wtf? SEVEN people?! What the hell is wrong with people?!

  7. This guy must have sick friends if 7 people like that.

  8. He sounds like a real catch…I totally wanna go camping with him. That is, if camping really means shoving toothpicks under his nails until he agrees to never access another social networking site again.

  9. Jason’s Monster Fail….is he back!?

  10. Stay classy, Jason…

  11. Is this OUR Jason or are they all dooshbags? Either way, I hope I don’t meet anyone called Jason anytime soon.

  12. why is lamebook’s admin a coprophiliac?

  13. Sorry STC. The fact is, about 90% of the submissions we receive are for some reason shit-related. We blame you guys 😉

  14. Donald Trump's Comb-Over

    I love that Jason the Dooshbag is still being brought up! Lamebook is starting to feel like home.

    @chip it’s Eyeskull Sticker Campaign, whatever the fuck that is:

  15. These 7 people are into really kinky shit!

  16. that hurt admin!! All of the submissions’ posters are super intelligent, erudite and classy. We’re not …

  17. Flip doesn’t like jason and is very afraid of the unknown

  18. ratcoon thinks it’s strange when people talk about themselves in the third person

  19. Jason = twenty-first century feminist.

  20. “Not afraid of the unknown”

    Well, what an open-hearted person!

  21. @ 18 – some people are still stuck in the old f/book status update wording which started with ‘is’ .

  22. Iv`e done this heaps of times on a building site ,when there`s no bog . Your all office softies i reckon !, it`s only shit ffs

  23. Rick agrees with Ratcoon.

  24. Simon says… eat shit!

  25. wow…. #22 simon.
    you shouldn’t tell people about your habitual shitting in plastic bags. it’s kinda weird.

  26. Fun fact: Jason played trombone on the Bright Eyes album LIFTED. He is a talented musician who just so happens to be obsessed with poo.

  27. I think I’d explode before I’d do anything with a plastic bag. There are hygiene issues and also – WTF is wrong with you people!

  28. I wonder if Jason is going to sue over this entry, too – it has the name “Jason” on it – it must be slander.

  29. Someone screencap this before it gets taken down!

    Oh, hang on, don’t bother.

  30. Sabrina…..ftw….nicely done

  31. Garbage! Human garbage!

  32. Guys. Pay attention. This is NOT THE SAME JASON.

    Don’t make me say this again.

  33. It’s nice to see the youth of today maintain such an interest in philosophy.


  35. How does one fist a Clit?..

  36. Jason has tiny hands which translates to tiny need-a-lens-to-locate peepee, they got him to do the burger king tiny whooper commercial!

  37. I fucking hate people.

  38. @Sam B. Say what again?

  39. Sad thing is he probably works at McDonalds, didn’t wash his hands, and some of us got served by him…

  40. O GOD, DNW.

  41. Paddyboy – Heaps funny all Jasons are the same

  42. Ok, I’m curious. Who’s the other Jason (the one you all keep talking about) and where is his post? I wanna lol too.

  43. ahahaha that was outstandingly obscene hahaha

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