Friday, September 11, 2009

Krazy Kathy

Krazy Kathy

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  2. My favourite bit was when she said ‘nintentos’

  3. I believe it. My mother did the same thing to someone else on facebook. The poor girl sent a message to all the FB users with our name and asked if the person harassing her was their mom.
    It was MY mom, though.

    I ended up sending my mom and message telling her that she was bugging the wrong girl, but she got all pissed off and accused us of doing it on purpose.

  4. Edac is fucking sex god and this page is a load of bull shit i feal soome what dumber for clicking and reading ….

  5. If you have a crazy mom, you know that this is real.

  6. some woman did that to me before 😐

  7. madcow69 is the woman in question in this blerb hahahahahaha

    get fucked mad cow and get fucked sarah boo
    rumor has it i fucked you both….

  8. Kathy: the next “Mommie Dearest”?


  10. HAHAHA jesus H christ that is one hell of a needy mother. no wonder they got a divorce. insecure whore

  11. […] admin posted at 2009-9-15 Category: Funny | Tags: […]

  12. My favourite part is when people pretended to be Flip.

  13. hahahahahahaha LMAO


  15. One of the best.

  16. hahah this is the best one ive seen!!!!

  17. I don’t doubt this at all. My mom does the same stuff to me all the time, calling a couple times an hour and leaving 5 minute voice mails each time and constantly bad-mouthing my dad. For some reason people like her and Kathy believe that the only way to make yourself look better is to put down others, even though it has the exact opposite effect since my dad has never said a single bad thing about her.

    Like my mom, Kathy also tries to guilt trip her son into loving her. Notice how Kathy’s posts go from normal to insane while bringing up things like “you like your dad because you are materialistic… you are a bad person since you don’t like me… your grandmother is sick… I sacrificed this and that for you…” People like Kathy need to get it through their thick skulls that people avoid them because they are nasty and self-centered, not because they have been enchanted away by nintendos.

  18. (y)

  19. this is either fake or the woman is an alcoholic.

  20. fail

  21. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA i loved this 🙂

  22. Awesome. xD


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