Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Erickan’t Communicate



When I first read this I was just as confused as everyone else. I didn’t know if Ericka was attempting some terrible Yoda impression, but I think Wendy nailed it. Ericka you are drunk… At 2:34 in the afternoon…

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  1. I understood the first part she is saying she has 3 weeks until she is going to the beach, so she is saying she is GOING TO start running everyday.

  2. Yeah, that part made sense to me too, and I’m one of those pesky liberal arts majors. What makes this one lame for me is that she thinks telling John he has no chance is some kind of put-down. Looks like John doesn’t want a chance, and she needs to get over herself.

  3. Ericka submitted this herself, there’s the option to delete every comment.

    Good for Ericka?

  4. Dee, nice catch. I will be checking every LB post from now on, but don’t know if I would’ve caught it myself. A tip of the hat.

    But yeah, she’s drunk.

  5. Um. I read her status and I understood. She has three weeks to get in shape and look good in a swimsuit. She wants to start running every day to achieve this.

  6. what makes it so much more lame is that Ericka is the one who sent this in… what a moron

  7. this is easy to understand… her friends r dimwits… she is saying that she has 3 weeks to get the beach body, and when she said “running everyday, will be that is” meaning that she hasnt started running but will start soon enough. if her friends dont get that then they r stupid cuz i got it and my age would be very different from theirs im betting…

  8. Because you are 88 and live in an alley? Yeah, I guess that would make it easier for you to connect with the grammar of a 900+ green gnome who lives in a swamp…

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