Monday, June 10, 2013

Be on the lookout!

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  1. if she was so outraged by it, why didn’t she take a picture of the friends too?

  2. …because from where she was sitting she could only get a picture of the one guy?

  3. Oh…WOW! Another post based off of shitty puns! How fucking original. I’m really impressed, lamebook. This is some top shelf shit! Keep it up!

  4. Damn it! Wrong post…oh well, fuck it…

  5. Bazinga!

  6. No, Capn, there IS a pun in this post. Check out the “Joy Rider” poster behind the dude.

  7. anyone else think that looks like Joe from RHoNJ?

  8. I will begin doing this to random people on the train, I wonder how many relationships i can end this way !

  9. 12:30 in the morning and not home yet. I’m sure she at least suspects something.

  10. She does know, but has no time to care because she’s the neighborhood DNA dumpster.

  11. loving how fitting the image behind his head is

  12. Lol, he was actually holding a civilized discussion on how he will wisk her away on their next anniversary, but the lonely women got jealous.

  13. The leg-humping Potsie was probably showing off for the chick that took the pic, hoping SHE would hold still long enough for him to stick his d*** in her.

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  15. LOL The chic that took this pic probably got burned and cheated on herself by sum dude….sucks to be her..

  16. Say what you will, I call this “a social service”. Or a crusade to obliterate douches all over the planet. Of course, what will be left won’t be too much fun…

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