Monday, June 10, 2013

Super Shorty

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  1. A potty joke how original.

  2. A shit joke how original.

  3. ^ Bit harsh – can’t believe so many people would thumb down a retard.

  4. Oh…WOW! Another post based off of shitty puns! How fucking cool. I’m really impressed, lamebook. This is some top shelf shit! Keep it up!

  5. A revised redundant status that hasn’t been funny for quite some years now.

  6. Araceli is a self-submitter.

  7. Would it be more epic if somebody fapped to the Superman theme?

  8. ^ You mean you haven’t?

  9. IT WOULDN’T BE FUCKING EPIC! Wars are epic. Lord of the rings when Gandalf rides down the hill followed by an army of horses is fucking epic. Taking a shit is not fucking epic.

  10. Unless you manage to crack the bowl, then i’d stand corrected.

  11. People need to stop taking shots and just leave them, instead.

  12. *shits, dammit.

  13. Yeah Beatus, taking shots is fun.
    Taking shots at Himalayanhindu, even more so.

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