Friday, June 7, 2013

Passing of the Christ

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  1. I was there! In Cincinnati, that is.

  2. Woulda been great if they changed tactics at that moment and just put him in a sleeper hold.

  3. ^ Or grabbed the pieces of wood and beat him to death with them?

  4. Don’t you think nailing somebody’s hands and feet to a wooden cross seem a little grotesque?

  5. …and then making little models of it and wearing them on a chain? Weirdos.

  6. ^ good point

  7. I’d rather have a scaled down size of the Jesus statute in the movie Dogma on a chain where He’s giving a wink with the thumbs up.

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  9. Paranoid Android72

    Handcuffs, that’s all I’m saying.
    Applicable to both the whole Jesus thang and #8.

  10. I’ve always been fond of the concept that torturing a man to death over the course of a few days somehow absolves me of my sins. Granted I’ve sinned plenty but I’m pretty sure they were a touch on the excessive side. Though I guess it’s better to overpay than to underpay.

  11. The use of quotation marks around “nailing” made me think that it was some sort of porno play.

  12. I was kinda getting the same vibe there, Franky. Quotation marks are completely unnecessary in this context, they really serve no purpose.

  13. I’d rather nail someone on the dining room table.

  14. BorderlineDane

    and thus the was rewritten…..AGAIN……

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