Thursday, January 13, 2011

Just Born that Way…

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  1. slicingupeyeballs

    Oh men have ears Marisa,
    We just choose to tune out vapid, moaning cows who babble on endlessly about royal weddings, reality tv ‘celebrities’ and the fucking curtains…

  2. Who masturbates with two hands?

  3. @evan, how else would you get the whole thing covered at one time?

  4. To all who were glasses, has it ever happened to you that you stuck your partners pubic hair in it? It happens all the time with my own hair 😀

  5. Has anyone else checked Lamebook’s new “friends” Beach Creeps and Late Night Mistakes, up there? Hmmm, I had a brief look at both of them, and there is not much of interest. They’re very much along the lines of People Of Walmart, but I guess LB is trying to expand its audience in the hope of getting its stagnant legal fund moving. I’m not sure the people who visit those sites would be particularly generous…

    Lamebook, didn’t your mother always tell you to choose your friends wisely?

  6. Ah yes I did visit them very briefly last night. Spent about one minute with Beach Creeps. Late Night Mistakes fared a little better with approximately three minutes.

  7. I checked out Late Night Mistakes and the first post was a pile of shit. Literally. It was a picture of shit…wtf

  8. not my cup of tea either. i mean if im just bored as shit, i’d go to those sites, but probably not

  9. Beach creeps was far more disturbing, I’ve never wanted to throw up so badly in my life. Yuck

  10. Beach creeps is boring as fuck. Late night mistakes is just stupid as fuck.

  11. Both are creepy, stupid and boring. I stopped after two pictures.

  12. saff, yeah. The worst one for mine is that pic of the chick with the gargantuan ass. The pic is horrific enough, but the comments… so many people talking about how much they love it! The world has officially gone insane. polsvoice, if you’re out there – you should go have a look. She’d be right up your alley.

  13. Some of the comments were right though, it looked pretty uncomfortable to me lol

  14. Beach Creeps has shown me that the male thong is more prevelant in the U.S. than I realized. For that I will never forgive them.

  15. @Lameh – you keep your glasses on while going down?!

  16. @evan, I do.

  17. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I second mass #16, Jelly #15 and most notably slicingupeyeballs #1

  18. … for sure, I hate having just a huge muscled right shoulder, bicep and forearm.

  19. Fun fact: In Japan, you are supposed (read: required by culture) to be polite to the people you dislike. So a smile would mean “I hate you, you dirty trollop.” I’d like to give Chelsea a nice big smile.

  20. I don’t think that’s true itz. My wife is japanese. She is almost always frowning but she smiles a LOT during sex.

  21. Chelsea, the answer is yes, deaf people are born with ears that don’t work…. plus their also wankers (only the one handed variety of cock shuffle though)

    I once back door banged a blind girl….she didn’t see me cumming.

  22. You can smile in “braille”, they just feel the smile with their hands.

  23. I don’t get the Braille one!

  24. Shorma.

    People who read braille are blind, they couldn’t see a smile.

  25. @Walter, I think my point has been made 😉

  26. Braille is not a language any more than the Roman alphabet or Cyrillic are languages. Fail.

  27. People that are deaf can’t hear. People that are mute can’t speak. Deaf people aren’t all mute. Fail.

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