Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Background Checks

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  1. the “dead end” one is scraping the barrel on lamebook’s part.

    eh, i’ve offered my two cents. it’s not lame, in the least.

  2. I agree, suesse, especially after tonya’s comment. Doesn’t stand a chance in hell of having a decent life? Christ, DARE got to you good.

    And for all we know, they ARE smoking tobacco. While it’s not cool to smoke anything around a child, it’s not the end of the fucking world if it’s marijuana.

  3. PraetorianXVIII

    Thank God Doctor F*cking Chiiro is on the job.

  4. The first and last were really funny. The third, meh, seen enough rednecks in overalls to find it meh.

    The second one, what’s the problem? OMG they’re poking smot AND have a baby?!?!?! They’re obviously gonna sell it to support their addiction!

  5. No, the problem is that they’re smoking in the same room as an infant.

  6. really?the baby is doomed because it’s parents are smoking pot…hahaha i don’t think people realize who smokes pot,it’s not just hippies or drug addicts or terrible,disgusting,pieces of trash…it’s also teachers,lawyers,doctors even,soccer moms,fucking everybody smokes pot(alright not everybody,i mean every type of person..).so,that kid might be just fine,and he isn’t getting cancer from being around weed smoke or even getting a contact high,i agree his little lungs don’t need to be around a bunch of smoke..shit i was going to write more but i’m already over it…

  7. anyone get it? BEN there, done that, got FIRST? it wasn’t a typo….

  8. carelessdreaming

    are you people really defending smoking pot around a baby? wtf. maybe if they went in another part of the house, an made damn sure some responsible person was watching the baby, fine. i have no problem with people getting high or smoking cigarettes, just keep the shit away from your kids. jesus.

  9. Thank God Dr Fucking Censor is on the job.

    I wasn’t defending anything, just commenting that the world is not going to cave in and that child isn’t doomed to a life of selling their body on the street if the parents are smoking weed.

  10. i’m not really defending it either,pretty much just saying the same thing;the kid’s life isn’t over because someone is smoking pot around him.people treat weed like meth or something,and it’s not,it’s not even anywhere near the equivalent of tobacco.

  11. @Toodles
    I know how your stepmom feels. Been going on 8 years of trying, and seeing stuff like this just breaks my heart. There is no justice.

  12. dirtylittlepretty

    i smoke…but i still think its a stupid ass idea to do it in front of a kid…hmm..lets see how the baby acts when he gets a contact high!! dumbshits!

  13. the guy in the wedding has a huge boner DUHHHHHHHH

  14. crazydiamond727

    It’s like gazing into a crystal ball of my ex-boyfriend’s future…

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