Monday, February 6, 2012

Thrown Out

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  1. true dat.
    if anyone needs me, I’ll be over at 9GAG

  2. and here i thought he was talking about a football the whole time!

  3. so he’s mentally preparing himself for the barrage by kicking it off?


  4. How could anybody think that this status was lamebook worthy? Fuckin’ terrible. I mean, most of the posts on here aren’t very funny, but this one was just pathetic. Tony.. fail.

  5. Serious reach lamebook

  6. Trippinnn, it’s okay to admit the real reason you hate this post so much is because you’re such a big Madonna fan. We won’t judge.

  7. My love of Madonna is greater than the gap between her two front teeth. I feel no reason to hide my love for her.. but this status was still pretty lame.

  8. Tony is so jelly

  9. butterscotchcandy

    Tony saying “entertainment” tipped me off on the fact that he wasn’t talking about football.

  10. Yeah if he didnt initiate it he wouldnt have to, douche

  11. i guess it’s lamebook worthiness really depends on their reasoning for posting it. if one assumes they posted it because he is witty, then it was poorly chosen. however, if they posted it because they too think his joke is shit then it is logical it would appear on lamebook.

    given that they are also the creators of “as my junk” i’m going to bet they thought he was witty.

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