Thursday, July 25, 2013


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  1. Sorry, everybody. Nobody’s allowed to be interested in anything in the world unless you talk about all of the problems first. Otherwise it’s clear that you don’t care.

  2. Gayfish

  3. Fake. Deforestation in the amazon has not increased 437%. As of June 1st, deforestation has increased 14% in comparison to last year.

  4. The War on Homosexuality will end the same as the War on Terror did.

    With a load of prisoners in orange jumpsuits getting bummed in a dodgy prison somewhere.

  5. Oh, and don’t worry, homosexuals. Skynet nukes Russia in the future anyways.

  6. I say we name the baby Fuqd.

  7. I think the baby should have been named Winthrop Carruthersby Cambridgeshire Torch Lift Loo Snog — is that British enough?

  8. Lots of false facts here; Britain hasn’t ‘blocked porn from their internet’ – the rules have changed so that if you want to access adult material you’ve got to specifically ask your internet provider to enable it…Something to do with stopping kids looking at adult sites. The way the press has been going on has made it sound like we’ve banned online porn!

  9. Wait a minute…

    They deactivated the Great Barrier Reef?

    I wouldn’t mine a snog in the loo, followed by a healthy shag.

  10. *mind. Dammit.

  11. ^ To be fair, nobody really says ‘snog’ in Britain any more, it’s a bit nineties.

    Nothing wrong with a healthy shag though.

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  13. It’s quite clear that this is Tristan Barker or Baker or whatever his name is. He’s someone who, in my opinion, needs a good ass kicking and his Facebook profile revoked.

  14. George.

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  16. Why the fuck has #14 got all those thumbs down? She was just answering the question in the original post, the Royal baby has been named George…

  17. Are you all a bunch of royal family suck ups? I honestly fon’t give a fukc anyways

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